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Thursday, 3. December 2020
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Local new

A taste of Lanzarote: Walking and wining in La Geria

Bodega Rubicón, La Gería, Lanzarote Active Club, cone-shaped pits, vineyards, Lanzarote37°
The vineyards of Bodega Rubicón in La Gería.

Lanzarote is world famous for its wine, not only for their unique volcanic origin but also, they are among the first harvest to reach European shores every year. Lanzarote37˚ went to investigate how these grapes are grown in such a harsh and dry environment, how they are harvested, made from grape i...

Local new

The plant with aphrodisiac power: Where the Wild Artichoke grows

The bitter substance contained in artichokes is called cynarin and gives the dark brown aperitif cynar its name.

Anyone who makes the climb from Haría - the Valley of a Thousand Palm Trees in the north of Lanzarote - to the El Risco hill, will not only be rewarded with one of the finest views the island has to offer, over Famara to the islands of La Graciosa and Alegranza, but will also discover a very special...

Local new

Turning a dream into reality:
Dominic Murray opens his Cabra Cabra Art Gallery

Dominic does not specialize in one particular form of art. Photo: Bernard/Lanzarote37°.

Lanzarote37° recently caught up with artist and Doncaster native Dominic Murray to learn about his passion for art, his hopes for his new ‘Cabra Cabra’ art gallery in the town of Teguise and to find out how exactly he ended up swapping the bright lights and skyscrapers of London for the tranquil sur...

Local new

Lanzarote events guide – September 7th to September 14th:
Rock, folk music, Timple, deep-sea fishing and….fiesta, fiesta, fiesta!
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Lanzarote,Carnival,drag queen,37°,37degrees,Island news
Pop singer Sergio Romero performs on Saturday 8th of September in Lanzarote.

08-09-2012 Lanzarote (SB) - This weekend and the upcoming days are featuring a number of events on Lanzarote from rock and folk concerts for music lovers to deep-seafishing. Add these to the Fiestas in Tiagua, Guatiza and Punta Mujeres and you'll find there is something to suit everybody.

Latest news

Carnival in the finest detail

Lanzarote,Carnival,drag queen,37°,37degrees,Island news
The carnival drag queen is just one of the highlights of carnival season.

25/06/2012 - Carnival in Lanzarote is a family affair. The men build imaginatively designed carnival floats, mothers and grandmothers sew costumes for the whole family, and the children spread good humour around the island throughout the carnival period. Lanzarote37° was there to watch a Lanzarotan ...

Local new

Ladislao Rodríguez Bonilla: The Harían Barber

Lanzarote, Ladislao's barbers,37°,37degrees,island news.
Ladislao's barbers in Haría has been open since the 1960's.

25/06/2012 This interview was a different one altogether. It was with Ladislao Rodríguez Bonilla (68), a Harían barber who is both deaf and mute and communicates in Spanish, whereas I speak English and unfortunately "hola" and "adios amigo" are the extent of my Spanish vernacular. But I simply had t...

Local new

On the lookout for the 'Big Five': The Birdwatching Bloggers

Lanzarote, Barbary Falcon, Birdwatchers, 37°, 37degrees, Island news
The spectacular Barbary Falcon (above) is third on the list of Lanzarote's 'Big Five' must-see birds and one reason why Lanzarote is such a popular place for birders.

25/06/2012 - What is your hobby?

In Lanzarote there are three birders whose dedication to their birdwatching hobby has taken them all over the world, enabled them to meet new friends and encouraged them to create a popular online blog at surfbirds.com to share their observations and photos with lik...

Local new

The perfect platform for competitive surf success

Lanzarote, Dennis Smith, surfing, 37°, 37 degrees, Island news
Sydney-born Dennis is on a mission to develop Lanzarote´s surfers to compete at the very top level.

16/01/2012 - Over 40 years of surfing know-how and experience, as well as the very best related skills gained elsewhere, render Dennis W. Smith ideal to judge the potential Lanzarote has to develop great surfers. The Australian, also a key figure in his time at the top level of the sport of squash, ...

Local new

Timanfaya: Lanzarote’s vital cornerstone

Lanzarote, Timanfaya, Volcanoes, 37°, 37 degrees, Island news
The 'Fire Mountains´ or 'Las Montañas del Fuego' of Timanfaya.


16/01/2012 - Lanzarote has plenty of tourist attractions to keep the keen visitor occupied but Timanfaya National Park, or Parque Nacional de Timanfaya, is arguably the most essential of all the sites to see when you consider its history and significance.


Perhaps the most distinguishing feature...

Local new

Kenneth Gasque: The driving force of Lanzarote's sport

Lanzarote kenneth gasque, club la santa, sport hotel, 37° 37degrees, island magazine
Kenneth Gasque (Pictured): The man who brought Ironman to Lanzarote and a key figure in the club La Santa sporting complex.

12/01/2012 - The name of Kenneth Gasque is instantly recognisable when it comes to sporting activities in Lanzarote. Kenneth is the Danish man who brought the famous Ironman triathlon to the island and he has been a key figure at Club La Santa, Lanzarote´s unique sports and holiday resort, since its...

Local new

The Ironman labour of love:
Mike and Julie Cliff-Jones

Lanzarote, Julie and Mike Cliff-Jones, Wine Run sporting event, 37° 37degrees, Island magazine
Julie and Mike Cliff-Jones at the Lanzarote Wine Run.

12/01/2012 - When one hears of Ironman, monumentous creatures braving blistering winds, scorching deserts and swimming across the raw choppy Atlantic waters jumps to mind. Or one thinks of Robert Downey Jr. in the Ironman movie battling it out against Mickey Rourke. Either way,

the scenarios are t...

Local new

Charming presents:
Amusing mice and fairytale games

Lanzarote, Brigit Groth, mouse-cups, 37° 37degrees, Island magazine
Every person on the island knows of Brigit Groth's "mouse-cups" and noone can resist their funny charm.

12/01/2012 - Inspired by Lanzarote! There are some unusual artists, craftsmen and women living on our island. Among them is Birgit Groth, who is popularly known for her fun "mouse cups". Her latest idea: ceramic tiles, hand-painted with designs from a fantasy world of dreams, or turned into board ga...

Local new

A Lanzarotian herb garden

Lanzarote, Lemongrass, 37° 37degrees, Island magazine
Lemongrass (Cymbopogon citratus).

12/01/2012 - No self-respecting cook can survive without fresh herbs. Just a few square yards in the garden or a couple of decorative plants on the patio are all you need, and with a bit of thought and planning you can have fresh supplies in the kitchen all year round.



Latest news

Indignados: refusing to back down

Lanzarote, Puerta del Sol, Madrid, indignados, 37° 37degrees, Island magazine
The Puerta del Sol square in Madrid was a focal point and the place where the indignados chose to position themselves during the protests in May. Photo: Wikipedia

10/01/2012 - Spain´s economic crisis and high unemployment level have instigated the formation and subsequent rise of the ´indignados´, a protest movement who have marched to Madrid in demonstration from places all over the country, inspiring similar groups across Europe.



Local new

Unravelling Lanzarote's traditional costume thread

Lanzarote, traditional clothing, folklore, 37° 37degrees, Island magazine
A Lanzarotian folklore ensemble performs in traditional clothing.

10/01/2012 - Anyone who has been to a fiesta on Lanzarote and watched all the different traditional dancers proudly circling in their marvellous costumes will, like us, have wondered about the origins of these costumes and what the true, traditional Lanzarotian attire really looks like. Just as Lanz...

Local new

From war dog to family pet: the Dogo Canario

Dogo Canario, two traditional breeds, Podenco Canario, hunting, guarding, Lanzarote37°
There are two typical traditional breeds of dogs on the Canary Islands. These are the Podenco Canario and the Dogo Canario. The Podenco is typically a hunting dog while the Dogo Canario’s primary role was to be a guard dog.

10/10/2011 - There are two traditional breeds of dog which catch the eye on Lanzarote and the other Canary Islands. One is Podenco Canario, which is kept by the locals as a hunting dog. The other typical Canarian breed is the guard dog, Dogo Canario.

The Podenco and the ...

Local new

History of Attack and Defense: Lanzarote and the Pirates

Castillo de San José, pirate attacks, sanctuary, Lanzarote37°
The Castillo de San Gabriel in Arrecife was ostensibly built to protect the Lanzaroteños from pirates, but only once the raids had pretty much stopped happening. Its construction was actually a scheme to create work.

05/10/2011 Piracy is a word which conjures up many associations: boarding ships, plundering booty, kidnapping. These days the subject is glorified in books and films. From the beginning of the modern era, the Canary Islands suffered attacks from pirates from the European mainl...

Local new

Maria Kalashnikoff and Gregorio Caceres:
Martyrs to the Ironman: Get up, train, suffer, eat...

Ironman 2011, Volcano Triathlon, Maria Kalashnikoff, Gregorio Caceres, husbad Steve, Lanzarote37°
Maria Kalashnikoff, Gregorio Caceres congratulated by Marias husband Steve after the Volcano Triathlon held two weeks before Ironman. For Maria and Gregorio it was preparation for the up-coming Ironman competition.

04/10/2010 - For most people the thought of eight hours of swimming, and cycling with a 42 kilometre run as the agonising finale is a vision of nightmarish proportions. The triathletes who take part in an Ironman competition look at it in the same way- except for one thing: they actually savour the ...

Latest news

Blackout in Guacimtea airport

Guacimeta, blackout, Lanzarotian airport, Unelco, Lanzarote37°
A blackout occurred in the early hours of Friday morning at Guacimeta airport in Lanzarote.

08/08/2011 Lanzarote (JF) – A blackout occurred in the early hours of Friday morning at Guacimeta airport in Lanzarote. At 10:38am the Lanzarotian airport was left with no electricity for ten minutes. No flights or departures were affected due to the lack of power and have continued to depart and ar...


Corruption on Lanzarote
Lanzarote in the eyes of the Spanish press

El País, one of Spain’s most highly regarded newspapers, recently ran an article about the corruption trials on Lanzarote in the last few years. For regular readers of Lanzarote37° the article holds no surprises as far as its factual content goes. Its interest is rather in how they judge the events,...

Local new

Fish and Ships
Noss and Ellis exhibit found art in Yaiza

Art, Exhibition, Lanzarote, 37°
Dieter Noss and Richard Ellis create art from all kinds of recycled and found objects. Photo: Lanzarote37°

3-7-2011 Lanzarote / Yaiza - The German artist Dieter Noss and his English colleague Richard Ellis opened their joint “Fish and Ships” exhibition in Yaiza at the end of February. They met through Barbara Munsch (wife of German TV journalist Günter Wallraff) and as much of their work shares similar t...

Local new

Antje and Jürgen Jacobs
Your hosts at The Palacio del Marqués

Palacio del Marqués, Lanzarote, 37°
Antje and Jürgen Jacobs. Photo: Rainer Böhm

Antje and Jürgen Jacobs have transformed one of Lanzarote‘s oldest buildings into a picturesque venue - a meeting place for anyone who appreciates good food and fine wine.

Local new

Illuminating Lanzarote:
Luzius Ziermann brings mirror artwork to the island

Lanzarote, art, artwork, ziermann, lanzarote37°
Ziermann's artwork Lanzarote. Photo: Claus Setzer

21-6-2011 Lanzarote - Nature has always had a profound effect on the Frankfurter artist Luzius Ziermann. Originally he started painting using bright colours on simple canvas sheets without a frame.Due to the way in which they wrinkled and shrunk while they dried, three dimensional pieces were formed...

Local new

Regional holiday:
Día de Canarias

May 30th is the day of the Canary Islands. At the beginning of the 15th century, the archipelago was conquered for the castilian crown. Photo: Wikipedia created by Hansen

Every year on 30 May the Día de Canarias (Canary Day) is celebrated. The holiday commemorates the first session of the autonomous Canarian parliament, in 1983.

Local new

The Timple:
The Sound of the Canaries

Timple, Lanzarote, 37°
Timples Canarias. Photo: Lanzarote37°

01-06-2011 Lanzarote /Teguise - If asked what springs to mind when associating the Canary Islands with music, you might well think of the "timple“. It is the instrument of the Canaries - no group playing traditional music could manage without it and a local folk music festival without timples would ...


A heart for Teguise

Lanzarote/Teguise (SSC) - Teguise has hit upon an original marketing ploy: having introduced their 'I love Teguise' marketing concept in April 2010, Teguise council has now been gi-ving away its heart at tourist industry trade fairs, in the form of USB memory sticks.  Almost 2.000 pictures of T...

Local new, Activities

From Tap Dance to Flamenco :
An American dancing her way to Lanzarote

"Marlene Pierce", Flamenco, Lanzarote37°, 37 degrees, thirtyseven, Island Magazine, Island Newspaper, tap dance, belly dance, Irish dance, dance, sevillanas, pride, strengh, american dancer, Lanzarote, dance class, precision
Marlene in her element: Her every movement has a precision that comes from years of training, beginning in her early childhood.

Marlene Pierce started dancing at the age of 3. She has danced alongside celebrities like John Travolta, studied dance in Madrid and now teaches dance in Lanzarote. When she signed a 6-month contract with a flamenco troupe going to Lanzarote, destiny had more in store for her than just dancing. Here...

Local new

Carnival on Lanzarote:
The fifth season!

lanzarote carnival 37°
Exuberance, joie de vivre, insistent rhythms, colourful processions, magnificent costumes, dancers and drummers - it‘s hard to think of anywhere in Europe that Carnival is celebrated as whole-heartedly as it is on the Canary Islands.

Exuberance, joie de vivre, insistent rhythms, colourful processions, magnificent costumes, dancers and drummers - it‘s hard to think of anywhere in Europe that Carnival is celebrated as whole-heartedly as it is on the Canary Islands. It‘s an experience not to be missed.

Local new

Godfathers of Lanzarote
Or the Onion King and the Hotel Mafia:
An unfinished drama in two acts

Dimas Martín Martín, Lanzarote37°, 37 Grad, thirtyseven degrees, Island Magazine, english spoken magazine on Lanzarote, Spain
Dimas Martín Martín, at the time of his arrest. Police and judiciary suspect him of being the godfather in a Mafia-style organisation. Foto: Sergio Betancort.

One of the greatest political corruption scandals Spain has ever known began unfolding on our little holiday island in summer 2008. It started quietly and went completely unnoticed. Unlike the Gürtel affair, which made international headlines, “Operación Unión“, or “Operación Jable“ as it has been c...


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