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Thursday, 3. December 2020
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Worth knowing

Saying goodbye:
The funeral process in Spain

In Spain "burial" often refers to an above ground crypt, which is the most common means of laying a body to rest. The above ground crypt is called a ‘niche’ or a ‘nicho’ in Spanish and costs around €500. Foto: Lanzarote37°

04-10-2012 - Thinking about or planning how to manage the death of a loved one or indeed ourselves is not something which we may often want to consider. However when you chose to travel or relocate and set up a new life in another country, it is important to include thinking and planning for all asp...

Worth knowing, Latest news

NIE number and residencia:
What are they and how do you apply for them?

Lanzarote, Residencia, 37°, lanzarote37.net
Applications for both the NIE and the residencia go through the Policía Nacional in Arrecife. Photo: Lanzarote37°

There are many advantages to having a residencia (residence permit), for example, inter-island flights are 50% cheaper.

Worth knowing

Opuntia ficus-indica
Wonderfully versatile and healthy: the Prickly Pear

It would be hard to imagine the Lanzarote without the Prickly pear.

Although Lanzarote has no truly indigenous cacti, there is one species of cactus that grows here and on the other Canaries which it would be hard to imagine the island without: Opuntia ficus-indica. This plant is a characteristic feature of the scenery of the north of Lanzarote, especially around th...

Worth knowing

What is a Spanish Resident Discount?
Important information for travel from 1st September 2012

Lanzarote resident discount 37degrees
It is urgently required that all passengers travelling from the 1st September 2012 who have availed of a resident discount to obtain a residents certificate. Photo: Susanne Bernard

In order to be eligible for the 50% discount for residents, passengers must be either Spanish citizens, citizens of other member states of the European Union or citizens of other States that are members of the European Economic Area who can prove that they are resident in the Balearic or Canary Isla...

Worth knowing

Buying and owning a property:
Non-residents also taxed?

Spanish residency certificate, 37°, 37 degrees, Island news.
Above: A typical certificate of residency. In Spain you are either a tax-paying resident or you are not. Photo: Lanzarote37º/Bernard.

11/01/2012 Canary Islands/Spain (SB) - In Spain, as in Great Britain or Ireland, home owners are liable for a variety of taxes. For example, there is tax on rental income, tax on furnished holiday lettings and of course council tax.
The Spanish equivalent is a kind of income tax for non-reside...

Worth knowing

Buying and owning a property: What Spanish home owners have to pay the taxman

Selling, property, liability, tax, Lanzarote37˚
When selling a property the vendor is liable for capital gains and incremental tax. Photo: Lanzarote37˚

13/10/2011 - European states are turning the screw as far as taxation is concerned. In Ireland, for example, home owners are going to be facing two new bills in future- a flat-rate household charge from the 1st of January, with domestic water metering to follow.

The previous government had ...


Debts, rising prices and a "water crisis" – Inalsa in trouble

Inalsa, water cycle, production, distribution, purification, recycling, fresh water, supply, Lanzarote, Lanzarote37°
Inalsa covers the whole extent of the water cycle: production, distribution, purification, and recycling. Lanzarote itself has no fresh water supply of its own yet consumes 12 million cubic metres of water.

07/10/2011 - Lanzarote is an extremely dry island with no natural source fresh water of its own. With a consumption of 12 million cubic metres of water (2009 figure), Lanzarote could not be the island it is today if it were not possible to desalinate seawater. Ar...

Worth knowing

Aloe Vera: Magical remedy with cosmetic properties

Aloe vera, Magical remedy, Lanzarote37°
Aloe Vera plantation in Lanzarote.

03-10-2011 - Along the road which leads along Lanzarote's north-west coast to Caleta de Famara are fields of Aloe vera. I pass the plantation almost every day, yet I have hardly ever seen anyone working there. Today I'm in luck, though. Jaime Ródenas is very friendly and happy to ta...


Telephone companies in Spain
How to get the best deal

No one quite knows why it‘s so difficult to persuade phone and electricity customers to switch to a cheaper supplier, even though a change could mean significant savings. One company which isn‘t complaining about this is Telefónica, the former monopoly, with its well-known blue logos, now operating ...

Worth knowing

Spain: Income from property

Spain, income tay, property owners
Individuals who own property in Spain and who are not resident in Spain pay Spanish income tax in respect of the deemed rental value of their Spanish property. Photo: Lanzarote37°/von der Töss

01-06-2011 Spain/Lanzarote (sb) - Individuals who own property in Spain and who are not resident in Spain pay Spanish income tax in respect of the deemed rental value of their Spanish property. This Spanish tax is not creditable against United Kingdom income tax liability because there is no UK tax ...

Worth knowing

Discover some less well known beaches on Lanzarote

Wild and rough: El Golfo. Black sandy beach next to the green lagoon.


Looking for silence and relaxation off the beaten track? Lanzarote37° helps you to find the most beautiful beaches that suit your needs.

Worth knowing

Truffle hunting on Lanzarote:
'Papas crías' fever

Papas Crias, Lanzarote37°, 37 degrees, Island Magazine, Island newspaper, english Magazine, desert truffle,  truffles, Sand truffles,
Last season, local truffle gatheres delivered huge "papas crías" to the city hall of Teguise.

If you see people wandering around in the El Jable plain near Famara after the winter rains, it‘s because they‘re in search of the “papas crías“, the desert truffle indigenous to Lanzarote. Even though they are nothing like “genuine“ truffles, their unmistakable mushroomy taste makes them a sought-a...

Worth knowing

What does a motorbike cost?
Registration and motor vehicle tax in the Canaries

Lanzarote37°, 37 degrees, thirty seven, german island Magazine, Islandpaper, Motorcicle, Canaries, Motorbike, Gazette
Insurance groups reluctantly vouch for two-wheelers: The risks are too high, the riders too young and unexperienced. That's what pushes up the price. Foto: istockphoto.com

Do you intent to buy a motorbike? Read here what you have to bear in mind, which documents are necessary, and which costs need to be faced.

Worth knowing

Go online simple and inexpensive:
Enjoy the benefits of internet access in Lanzarote!

Lanzarote37°, internet, sufing, usb modem, island magazine, island gazette,
Surfing the Internet on holidays in Spain with a mobile connection is no trouble at all with a USB modem (this one is from the Internet provider Simyo). Photo: Lanzarote37°/Bentler


Many residents and holidaymakers on Lanzarote do not have a landline phone connection but would still like to be able to enjoy the benefits of the Internet, like picking up their e-mails or phoning home for free. The solution to this might be a USB modem. It looks like a USB memory stick, but it h...

Worth knowing

Guide on getting a residencia or NIE number

Lanzarote37°, 37 degree, island magazine, island gazette, residencia beantragen
This is the residence certificate. In Lanzarote you get it at the Policia Nacional in Arrecife (Calle Timón). .Foto: Lanzarote37°/residence certificate

28-12-2010 Spain/Lanzarote (sb) - Lanzarote37° gives you a short guide on getting a residencia or NIE number in Lanzarote. We describe what you have to do to get a NIE number, where you have to go and we give some little tips on how to make the process on getting an NIE card as easy as possible.



Latest news

Buying a used car:
If your new Purchase has defects

Lanzarote37°, 37 Grad, siebenunddreißig, deutsches Inselmagazin, Inselzeitung, Gebrauchtwagenkauf, Gebrauchtwagen, Kanaren, used car, english magazine
During the warranty period the buyer has the right to have defects repaired at the vendors expense. Photo: ©istock

pain/ La Audiencia Provincial de Madrid (sb) – A businessman bought a top of the range car for 40,000 euros from a used car dealer. After only a few days, the buyer noticed some defects in the car, which had only 23,000 kilometres on the clock i.e. Windows which were chipped and scratched, for examp...

Worth knowing, Health

Staying healthy and beautiful with Aloe vera:
Magical remedy with cosmetic properties

Aloe, Lanzarote, medical plant, canarz islands, Flora, Lanzarote37°, 37, degree, thirtyseven, gazette, island news, english
In Lanzarote Aloe vera can be found all over the island. Here as ornamental plant in front of the museum MIAC (Museo Internacional de Arte Contemporáneo) in the Castillo San José in Arrecife. Picture: Lanzarote37°/Bernard

Along the road which leads along Lanzarote's north-west coast to Caleta de Famara are fields of Aloe vera. I pass the plantation almost every day, yet I have hardly ever seen anyone working there. Today I'm in luck, though. Jaime Ródenas is very friendly, and happy to take the time to tell me all ab...

Local new

A study visit changed their lives:
émigrés Jasmin Bell and Martin Ernst

Lanzarote37°, 37 Grad, siebenunddreißig, deutsches Inselmagazin, Inselzeitung, english magazine, bell, ernst,
Jasmin is working as a massage therapist in hotels and doing private home visits, and Martin looks after properties owned by residents. Photo: Lanzarote37°

It's rare that you come across people who have emigrated here and who have prepared for their goal of living on Lanzarote so intensely, who were so convinced that they wanted to live here and nowhere else, and who, when asked if they would ever go back, reject the notion almost indignantly. Jasmin B...


Car wash scratches car – who pays up?

Lanzarote37°, 37 Grad, siebenunddreißig, deutsches Inselmagazin, Inselzeitung, Autowaschanlage, Schadensersatz, Recht, rights, carwash
The court decided in his favour and sentenced the operator to pay damages plus interest. Photo: ©wikipedia.org / Michiel1972

Spain (sb) – A customer using an automatic car wash noticed that the roof of his car has been scratched as a result of the poor condition of the car wash. After unsuccessfully claiming compensation, he asked for the official customer complaint forms. When this did not work he turned to his regional ...

Latest news

New law to improve payment practices

Spain (sb) – The law on debtor default passed in July will, in future, force companies to pay their service providers within 60 days. For the public sector, an even shorter period of 30 days will apply. The law will be phased in up till 2013.
In the Canaries alone, the public sector has debts o...


Credit cards and credit:
“Improper clauses”: Bank services overhaul

Lanzarote37°, 37 Grad, siebenunddreißig, deutsches Inselmagazin, Inselzeitung, Banken, Recht, Kredite, bank, rental, rights, english magazine
Banks can no longer prohibit customers from renting out mortgaged properties. Photo: Lanzarote37°

Spain/ Supreme Court (sb) – The Spanish Supreme Court has declared various clauses, written by banks into contracts for credit and credit cards and in mortgage contracts with their customers, null and void. Some of these clauses were “improper“, “excessive “ and “confusing“, the “Tribunal Supremo“ d...

Latest news

Decision from Brussels:
Private rentals are illegal!

Lanzarote37°, 37 Grad, siebenunddreißig, deutsches Inselmagazin, Inselzeitung, Vermietung, Recht, rights, rentals, engish magazine
The ban on private holiday rentals to tourists will remain on the Canary Islands. Photo: ©Lanzarote37°

Brussels (mz) – The EU Commission in Brussels has ruled that the ban on private holiday rentals to tourists on the Canary Islands will remain, and offenders may be liable to prosecution. With this, the „uniform rental principle“ which was introduced through the Spanish Real Estate Management Law of ...

Latest news

Dr. von Pusch Offers Additional Counselling Services at the Anthroposophical Centre

Lanzarote37°, 37 Grad, siebenunddreißig, deutsches Inselmagazin, Inselzeitung, von Pusch, english magazine
Dr. Hans-Henning von Pusch offers now counselling at the Anthroposophical Centre. Photo: ©Lanzarote37°

Puerto del Carmen (sb) – For many years Dr. von Pusch had been a psychotherapist and child psychiatrist using family and partnership therapy in his general practice.  Whilst training in England to become an anthroposophic doctor.
Anthroposophy is a formal education, therapeu...

Worth knowing

A strong team: the staff of Properties S.L.

Lanzarote37°, 37 Grad, siebenunddreißig, deutsches Inselmagazin, Inselzeitung, Immobilien, Location Properties, english magazine
Stephanie and Laura's customers are benefiting from their depth of experience and from their impressive language skills. Photo: ©Lanzarote37°

 Stephanie Lehrmann, the owner of the Location Properties S.L. real estate company, has lived on Lanzarote for twenty years, almost as long as her Irish colleague, Laura Sweeney. Two ...


Location Properties - Real Estate Lanzarote - Laura Sweeney
Villas Canarias - Real Estate - Properties on Lanzarote
Lanzarote Investments Real Estate Agency
24 Hour Private GP Services in Lanzarote: 928 848 509
Renner Bikes - Bike Rental - Puerto del Carmen Phone: 0034 - 928 510 612
Lanzarote Real Estate & Properties - Real Estate Agency "La Mendoza"

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