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Monday, 25. October 2021
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The following are a register of fiestas and holidays on Lanzarote. The dates are updated as soon as possible. However, current dates are not always available as the municipalites publish dates giving very short notice.  For more details look at last years calendar and if more details are further required please refer to the municipal offices responsible for the events. Enjoy!

Fireworks on Lanzarote at Puerto del Carmen.
Photo: Susanne Bernard/ Lanzarote37°

New Year's Day Lanzarote

January 1st is known as "Año Nuevo" or simply New Year's Day.

For those who want to welcome the new year with an abundant display of fireworks Playa Grande in Puerto del Carmen is the place to go.


Like on Carnival there are different times to get the party started. Festivities begin in Puerto del Carmen at 2am.


Epiphany on Lanzarote - Spanish "Los Reyes"

6th of January is Epiphany (Los Reyes), a public holiday in Spain. The traditional procession of the Three Kings.


'Cabalgata de Reyes' usually takes place on the afternoon of January 5th in the various villages of Lanzarote.


Candeleria and San Blas

The beginning of February in Tabayesco and Tías celebrate 'Nuestra Señora de Candelaria' and 'San Blas'. The celebrations include various events like motor races, dances and folk music.


In Tías there is a procession following the big folk festival. An example of the attractions available are "Torneo de la Candelaria" inclusive of the "Lucha Canaria"- the Canarian wrestling matches, in which athletes of the island battle between one another to establish who is the strongest fighter.


For further information please refer to the local town hall.


Nuestra Señora de Lourdes

On the 11th of February in Guinate the 'Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de Lourdes' pilgrimage takes place, in accordance with the local church.


Carnival dates for 2013!

Carnival is a great time on Lanzarote, a month long fiesta full of colour, fun and tradition which is not to be missed.

Here are the carnival dates for 2013, as usual the party begins in the island's capital Arrecife:


Arrecife: 11th-13th February 2013 (Main parade is on Monday 11th of February)


Shrove Tuesday/Pancake Tuesday is on the 12th February and is a public holiday. On Wednesday13th of February (Ash Wednesday) carnival comes to a close in Arrecife with the burning of the sardine on Playa Reducto.


Puerto del Carmen: 15-17th February 2013 (Main parade is Saturday 16th February)


Tinajo & Yaiza: 22-24th February 2013 (Main parades  Saturday 23rd February)


Costa Teguise: 1-3rd March 2013 (Main parade Saturday 2nd March)


Teguise, Playa Blanca & Haría: 8-10th of March 2013 (Main parades Saturday 9th March)



San Leandro in Teguise

On the 13th of March the San Leandro festival will be celebrated in Teguise.


Easter on Lanzarote - High days and easter holidays 2013

From 24th of March to 1st of April 2013 is Semana Santa (Easter Holy Week). Easter celebrations begin on 24th of April with Palm Sunday (Domingo de Ramos), followed by Holy Monday, Holy Tuesday and Holy Wednesday. Maundy (Holy) Thursday is on 28th of March 2013; Good Friday (Viernes Santo) on 29th of March , Holy Saturday on 30th of April and finally Easter Sunday (Domingo de Resurrección) on 1st of April.

Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday are all public holidays in Spain. There are various processions during the whole of Easter week, but the main procession is usually on Good Friday. An important element of the procession is the Pasos, table-like structures bearing either a statute of Mary or a scene from the Stations of the Cross with a statue of Jesus. They are carried by bearers (Costaleros) who are underneath the structures. Due to the fabric hanging down from the sides they can’t actually see where they’re going, so they have an escort who calls instructions to them. The orders to coordinate the lifting and setting down of the Paso are communicated by a system of knocking. The centrepiece of every procession is the Virgin Mary, exquisitely decorated.

Labour Day

The 1st of May is 'Fiesta del Trabajo' (Labour Day). To give workers also a day off the 2nd of May is a public holiday. In 'La Asomada' the 'Fiesta de San José Obrero' (Party of St José the Labourer) is also celebrated on May 1st.


Decorated crucifix. Photo: Lanzarote37°

Fiesta de la Cruz - Day of the crucifix

On the 3rd of May 'Fiesta de la Cruz' takes place in Teguise. The local people celebrate the festival by decorating the village's 14 crucifixes with blossoms and fresh greenery.


Santa Rita in Tao

At the end of May in Tao a celebration for the patron saint of the village, Santa Rita, takes place followed by a ceremonial procession to honour the saint.




Every year at the end of May, Romeria and the procession of 'Fiestas de San Isidro Labrador' is celebrated in Uga.

Uga - Fiestas de San Isidro Labrador

The last week of May is also celebrated in Uga. The 'Fiestas de San Isidro Labrador' begins with a church service followed by a community procession along the village's main street.




Pictures of 'Dia de Canarias' from the Fiestas in Yaiza and Costa Teguise. Photo: Lanzarote37degrees

Día de Canarias in Lanzarote

The 30th of May is 'Día de Canarias' (Canary Island Day). In Costa Teguise one can listen to traditional Canarian folk music in the 'Peublo Marinero'. As the entire island joins in in the festivities, it is a public holiday for all on the Canary islands.



















Nuesta Señora de Regla

On Saturday the 2nd of July La Vegueta celebrates its patron saint, Nuestra Señora de Regla, with a holy mass, a procession and a big fiesta.


Fiesta 'de San Luis Gonzaga' in Las Breñas attracts the biggest crowds on Lanzarote. Photo: Ayuntamiento Yaiza.

Las Breñas - Fiesta de San Luis Gonzaga

The 'Fiestas de San Luis Gonzaga' in Las Breñas take place every year in mid-June. This festival includes the annual 'Festival de las Seguidillas Victor Fernández Gopar'. Every year there is a superb offering of traditional folk music, drawing in huge crowds of locals and tourists alike. The procession is in celebration of the patron saint of young people, San Luis Gonzaga, and succeeds in attracting large crowds who line the streets of Las Breñas.


Corpus Christi procession, salt carpets in Arrecife and children from Teguise draping them. Photos: Lanzarote37° / Ayuntamiento Teguise

Corpus Christi on Lanzarote

Corpus Christi 2013 falls on Thursday 30th of May.
A procession will set off from the Church of San Ginés (Arrecife) at 12pm (after the service ends). This is a festival with long traditions, where every year the locals create brightly coloured carpets of salt. On the eve of the festival Arrecife is transformed into a vibrant meeting place which no one should miss out on.








































San Antonio is celebrated in Tías and Los Valles

San Antonio is celebrated in June. The festivals in Tías and Los Valles, which both last over two weeks, are worth a special mention. San Antonio is a very old, traditional celebration, where the village boys and girls meet under the watchful eyes of their mothers to stroll and flirt with one another, to chat and to eat festive pastries. It symbolises an old initiation ritual which was part of the preparation for marriage.












Photos: Susanne Bernard / Lanzarote 37°

San Juan in Haría

On the 24th of June, Haría celebrates its patron saint, San Juan Bautista. The festivities begin on the Saturday before, with a colourful procession from the car park at the churchyard (the one where César Manrique is buried) to the market and church square. Whole families and members of costume societies and music clubs from all over the island converge to take part in the procession in the church square. In the houses along the street people leave little snacks in the windows so the passers-by can help themselves. In the evening the various music and costume societies present their efforts in honour of San Juan. Visitors to the procession are entertained until well after midnight with Canarian songs and dances. The community of Haría organises a whole month's worth of various activities for San Juan, including exhibitions, concerts, and dances. It's best to get hold of the festival programme from Haría town hall at the beginning of June, or check the Haría Ayuntamiento's website
















Photo: Ayuntamiento de Haría

San Pedro in Máguez

The 'San Pedro Fiesta' in Máguez is always on the weekend after the San Juan procession in Haría. The villagers enjoy theater and music in the Sociadad and on the streets. You can usually find the programme of events a few days in advance at the Hoja de Haría or on the Haría Ayuntamiento's website


In Macher the patron saint San Pedro is celebrated from the 18th - 29th of June. The procession is on 29th of June from 7.30pm to 8pm and takes place between the church in Macher and the post office.


Photo: Susanne Bernard / Lanzarote 37°

La Noche de San Juan - Summer solstice on Lanzarote

On the eve of Sunday the 23rd of June 2013 the whole isle of Lanzarote celebrates "Noche von San Juan" and the summer solstice , the longest night of the year, with blazing bonfires, and the "Hogueras de San Juan".


San Marcial de Rubicón is one of the biggest and most important island fiestas. Procession in Femés. Photos: Ayuntamiento Yaiza

San Marcial del Rubicón in Femés

On the 8th of July 2012 there is a festival in Femés for 'San Marcial del Rubicón'. It is one of Lanzarote's biggest and most important fiestas, celebrating the patron saint of the island. The Fiesta is adequately held in Femés, which is known for it's history of being a pirate cove due to the first settlers which came off the pirate ships. English pirates who destroyed the former church of 'San Marcial del Rubicón' in the 16th century, is also another reason why the fiesta is located there. Find all activities on the webpage of Yaiza.





























Guatiza celebrates Santa Margarita with folk music and dessert contests. Photo: Ayuntamiento

Guatiza - Santa Margarita

Santa Margarita is held annually in Guatiza during the second week of July. The festival includes a wide variety of activities for both the young and the young at heart.


Photo: Ayuntamiento de Teguise.

Masdache - Fiestas de la Magdalena

In the middle of July the people of Masdache celebrate the "Fiestas de la Magdalena", holding the ceremonial processions on Sundays.

Conil, also has "Fiestas de la Magdalena y Sagrado Corazón de Jesús" during this time.




The statue of the Virgin del Carmen accompanies the fishermen on a procession at sea in Puerto del Carmen. Photo:Canarias7.

There are also many processions scheduled to take place on land in various towns through out the island. Photo:Canarias7.

“Virgen del Carmen” celebrations


Towns and villages across Lanzarote are getting ready to celebrate the annual Canarian festival of “Virgen del Carmen” (Our Lady of the Sea), the patron saint of sailors and fishermen, this July. For many centuries residents of the Island were dependent on fishing as their main source of income and food so this festival remains a very important celebration for them.



Most of the festivities take place at the Plaza del Varadero in Puerto del Carmen. A procession, carrying a statue of the Virgin, travels from Avenida Papagayo to Playa Pequeña and from there it boards a fishing boat. The main boat carrying the statue is then followed by a number of other boats, large and small.


The "Virgen del Carmen" is also celebrated in other villages on Lanzarote:



The festival is celebrated at the beginning of July in the town of Teguise. The people of the town organise an annual procession, folk performances, Lucha Canaria (Canarian wrestling) and a craft fair. Particularly breathtaking though are the events organised on the island of La Graciosa, where the second largest boat procession, after Puerto del Carmen, takes place.



During the first week of August, when the Lanzarote fishermen usually returned from the coasts of Africa, the residents of Puerto del Carmen celebrate the "Virgen del Carmen"  festival. The Plaza del Varadero in the old harbour is packed with stalls selling ornaments and antiques where young and old come to enjoy themselves. The statue of the Virgin accompanies the fishermen on a procession in the sea.



There are two processions scheduled in Playa Blanca to honour the patron saint of fishermen and sailors, one on land and one at sea. A Eucharistic ceremony will be held on both procession days at 19.00pm in the Catholic Church in Playa Blanca.


Fiestas del Carmen on La Graciosa (8th to 17th of July):

2012 marks a special anniversary for Lanzarote’s sister island La Graciosa as it is 25 years since the parish on the island was established.


The island is home to a beautiful church, Parrogia Virgen del Mar (Our Lady of the Sea) that has stood in Caleta del Sebo since 1945 but it wasn’t until the population of the island increased that it became a parish. The interior of the church is full of references to the sea, including fish shaped candlesticks, and the Virgen del Mar stands in a model of a fishing boat fixed to the wall.


If you have time it is well worth a visit. Immediately after the Fiestas del Carmen the Fiestas de San Felipe will take place, details can be seen below.


Programme of most important days 2012:


Monday 16th July - Dia de Nuestra Señora de la Virgen del Carmen

09.00-Eucharistic ceremony


10.00-Ambient Music


13.00 Reflective religious ceremony and offering to the Virgen del Carmen. Please bring non- perishable items of food that will be donated, through Cáritas, to the needy of the parish.


18.00 Celebration of the word (Celebración de la Palabra) in the church followed by a procession to the boat “Multimar” where a floral wreath will be laid in memory of those who have died at sea. The procession will be followed by a folklore performance by La Gran Aldea de Teguise and a Verbena with Los Conejeros in the harbour.


Tuesday 17th of July


10.00-Ambient ‘Music

20.00- Eucharistic ceremony followed by a procession to El Salao for a fireworks display. After the fireworks display there will be singing of canto de la Salve in the church followed by a bonfire (quema del muñeco El Italiano) before finishing the fiesta in front of the plaza de la Iglesia.


Photo: canarias7 



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