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Monday, 25. October 2021
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Aerial Photography

There is a permanent aerial photography exhibition taking place in Costa Teguise every Monday to Saturday, from 11am – 3pm. José Azaola Amann’s exhibition will consist of recycled crafts, eco-designs and eco-crafts. For more information please contact:650 424 385 or 679 479 300 or visit: siguvolando.blogspot.com.




Art and objects of art

A permanent exhibition titled ΄Art and objects of art΄ is currently taking place and is showcasing works from painter, Rufina Santana, and sculptor, Paco Curbelo. The gallery exhibiting their works is set in a beautiful rustic setting and is free of charge. For more information please contact Rufina Santana at: 676 80 74 70 or email estudiorufinasantana.com. For further information please contact Paco Curbelo at www.pacocurbelo.com . The exhibition is located at c/ Los Reyes, no° 155 San Bartolomé cp 35550 Lanzarote.



Taller de Artesanía de Haría. Photo: Ayuntamiento de Haría.

Artists and craftspeople at work

At Taller de Artesanía de Haría you can see 16 different artists and craftspeople at work and - if you like what you see - buy an authentic souvenir of the island. Pay a visit to the paintress Iciar Álvarez or Clotilde Hernández, who makes little dolls of palm leaves, or the potter Aquilino Rodríguez, just to name a few.

C/ Barranco de Tenesía, right next to Mercado de Abastos of Haría. Monday to Saturday 10am - 1.30pm and 4pm - 7pm. Closed on Monday afternoons and on Sundays.

You can also see the artist Jaime Romero at work, in his studio in Máguez, Calle las Casillas 4.


Malerin Anneliese Guttenberger. Photo: Lanzarote37°

Pottery and ceramics in Teguise

The artist and painter Anneliese Guttenberger, opens her studio Monday-Friday from 11am- 5pm in Avendida Acorán 43-45 in Teguise. Her husband, Stefan Schultz's pottery and ceramic studio is also located here. Look out for the big, blue figure in the garden and you will know you are in the right place!


For more information check up the website on www.aguttenberger.com


Find the gallery „Cabra Cabra" of Dominic Murray in Teguise, Calle Nueva 4. Photo:Lanzarote37°/Bernard

Find the Gallery "Cabra Cabra" of Doninic Murray in Teguise

You can find the gallery of the Artist Dominic Murray named „Cabra Cabra"  in Teguise, Calle Nueva 4.

Opening hours: TUE-SAT, 10:00-13:00h, FRY 16:00-19:00h and SUN 10:00-14:30h.



Ildefonso Aguilar. Photo: Centros de Arte Cultura y Turismo Lanzarote

Permanent exhibition Fondos:
Manrique, Aguilar, Massieu.

The gallery "Los Aljibes" in Tahiche offers a permanent exhibition: paintings, photography and sculptures by 25 well-known artists like César Manrique, Ildefonso Aguilar, Lola Massieu.


Watch the artist Jaime Romero
as he works in his studio at Calle Las Casillas 4 in Maguez.

Studio of artist Jaime Romero

Watch the artist Jaime Romero
as he works in his studio at Calle Las Casillas 4 in Maguez.
Tel: 928 835 634 or 608 002 554.


Works by Lnazarote artists Rufina Santana and Paco Curbelo every day from 10 am - 1 pm in their gallery at Calle Los Reyes 155 in San Bartolomé Photo: Rufina Santana

Rufina Santana and Paco Curbelo

You can see works by Rufina Santana
and Paco Curbelo
every day from 10am - 1pm in their
gallery at Calle Los Reyes 155 in San Bartolomé.





Mick Gonnell displays his work in Teguise. Photo: Mick Gonnel

Mick Gonnell displays his work
in Teguise (Calle Norte 18).
Artwork made of scrap metal,
also exhibited at the Bar La Galeria.





Pay a visit to Dieter Noss in his house in Las Breñas. Photo:Lanzarote37°

Scrap works by Dieter Noss

German artist Dieter Noss
also works with scrap and preserves a kind of heritage
of spent culture using recycled rubbish.
You can visit him any time at his house in Las Breñas.
Make sure you don't miss the giant clothes hanger
dangling from the telephone line.



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