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Monday, 25. October 2021
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29-06-2012 Subject: Irish lacemaker of The Traditional Lacemakers of Ireland visit Lanzarote

Dear Sirs,
I am an Irish lacemaker of The Traditional Lacemakers of Ireland.
Next October 50 Irish lacemakers will go on a cruise of the Canarie islands.
I attach the agenda.
We would like to meet up with lacemakers from Canaries, earlier this year
while holidaying in Lanazorote, I went to the town of Tias.

I was told of lacemakers there,I was given the name Blanca Nieves ph no
696213226 sociedad de Tias, Plaza El Pavon Avenida Central. Tias.
I did not get to meet her.
I wonder if you could let me know if the ladies would be interested in
meeting us for a few hours?
We could show each other our lace.
Also if there are lacemakers or needle-workers on any of the other Islands.
We are looking forward to our trip and hopefully meeting you too.
Thank you for your time.

Yours sincerely
Veronica S.

Dear Veronica
We will try to find a contact for you, please give us a little bit of time.
Kind regards
Susan Bernard

31-10-11 Subject: Inspired by the report on "Lanzarote's traditional costume thread",

Inspired by the report on "Lanzarote's traditional costume thread", I followed the main thread - or shall I call it mainstream - wherever I went on the island. What I observed is this:
The latest sprouts of fashion noted on the isle of Lanzarote at the beginning of the 21st century seem to be deeply influenced by economic crisis on the continent.

A vast majority of adults can be spotted at broad daylight walking around in what looks like just underwear. Women wear bras and tight-to-the-hips pants, leaving the waistline, shoulders, arms and legs uncovered. Men can be seen in restaurants at dinnertime bare chested and clad in swimming trunks. This new style must be definitely inspired by what archaeologists discovered by reconstruction of particles of shaped animal skin found in graves, that endured the centuries under circumstances of vacuum. As every use of pelt and leather is ethically banned since the end of the 20th century, designers use bright coloured synthetic material that has highly elastic qualities to fit every curve of the bod perfectly.

As there is still no consense for a law telling every adult to shave body hair or to have it eliminated by cosmetic process, cases of annoyment increase especially in close-up situations like queuing up in a supermarket.

To keep the public discipline, shop keepers on the island developed a masterplan of clothing all the people adequately, ignorant to age, income, state of fitness or shape of body. They sell one-sized dresses tailored from soft, light fabric pleasantly printed in various colours to the women to enable them to veil their not so narrow waistlines. There is already evidence of acceptance, but not with the guys. They do not respond to shirts made from the same appalling patterned cloth, possibly because they have a slightly old fashioned touch, reminiscing the 50s of the gone-by century. Even T-Shirts - a courtsey to the hot underwaer style - are not broadly accepted, though they come with a printed-on message. That occurs very useful in a multitude of dayly occasions. But the average male prefers to show off all secundary sexual characteristics and just loves to hide the parts where they miss out under what is known a a "base-cap". That is highly appreciated by the health coaches, telling solar radiation can affect the skin and - if being exposed to high doses for a long time - even the brain.

This considerations about the strange ways of fashion are not meant to offend anyone personally. The well-disposed spectator just tried to catch a glimpse of history, intending to preserve a temporal mood that might soon be changed and lost forever.
With my motto: "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" (I adapted that one) and kind greetings.

p.s.: I would really like to learn about Lanzarote's traditional clothing

03-24-11 Subject: Phone companies


I found your report on Internet service providers who offer access without a landline very helpful. I'd be grateful if you could tell me which is the best value telephone company in Spain, or on Lanzarote. Gordon B, Inverness

Dear Gordon
Your question prompted us to do some research into what's been going on in the market regarding phone companies. You can see the full results in our second english printed edition, on page 16. The best value for calls from Spain to the rest of the EU, especially Germany and Great Britain is still 107082 Telecom. You can see full details and prices on their website at
www.107082.es , The Editor

03-20-11 Subject: Cactus honey


I wonder if you could tell me whether cactus honey is made or processed on Lanzarote. If so, is it possible to visit the factory? Many thanks, Michelle O


Dear Ms O
There is no cactus honey production on Lanzarote. There are no bee keepers on the island because on Lanzarote there is no species of bee which lives in communities from which honey could be taken. The Editor

17-03-11 Subject: Housing auctions

Dear Sirs

I read your magazine with great interest, finding it full of good ideas and useful information. Perhaps you could help me? I'm looking for addresses on the Internet where I find out when auctions for houses are taking place. Regards, Peter H, Devon

Dear Mr H
In Spain, public property auctions are held at the district courts. The dates of these compulsory auctions are published in glass cases next to the entrances to the relevant offices. You can also see them on the website of the Canary Island government, at www.gobiernodecanarias.org in the section under Subastas judiciales. Compulsory auctions also have to be announced in the most widely distributed daily newspaper of the province. In Las Palmas this is "La Provinzia", and its website is
To be eligible to bid in a compulsory auction of property you have to have a valid passport or national ID and put up 30 % of the minimum bid in advance. The other 70% must be paid within 20 days. The Editor

17-03-11 Subject: Job offers

Dear Sirs

I was wondering if you might offer any work experience opportunities in the field of tourism, I have completed my degree course in Tourism Management and would be glad to send you my application for a placement. Kind regards, Kelly O, Manchester

Dear Kelly
We do offer placements to graduates in journalism, but if your main interest is tourist management you would probably do better to get in touch with some travel agents or hotels. Keep googling! The Editor

03-15-11 Subject: Overpriced goods

I bought some lava earrings for €28 at a jeweller in Haría. The price on the label was €30. As I was making up my mind, the assistant came up and offered them to me for €28. The next Sunday I saw exactly the same earrings on a market stall in Haría for only €6. I decided to go back to the jewellers shop to change the earrings. The assistant agreed to exchange the goods and suggested I look for something else. However, I said I wanted my money back, and explained to her that you could get the same earrings at the market for €6. The assistant refused to give me my money back. I'm writing to you partly to warn other people not to rush into buying overpriced goods, and partly to express my disappointment that the trust I had in the honesty and morality of the people on Lanzarote seems to have been so easily abused. Ms W, Eastbourne.

Dear Ms W
Basically, every trader is free to set the price of their goods. It's what we call a free market economy. As far the right to exchange goods is concerned, the customer has no right of exchange unless the goods are faulty. To that extent, the assistant in Haría was actually being quite obliging by offering you the chance to exchange the earrings for something else. The Editor

03-14-11 Subject: How to get online on Lanzarote

Hi everyone at 37°

In your second edition you give a really good explanation of how to get online. I'm extremely grateful - next winter I'm going to need an Internet connection, as we're going to be spending five months in Conil. The company I'd like to get in touch with is Simyo, as they don't have a fixed contract period. How can I reach them? Many thanks and best wishes. Nancy U, Launceston

Dear Ms U
Simyo don't have any branches, you can only contact them online. Go to www.simyo.es and click on Internet Móvil, and you can order what you need. The USB modem will be delivered within 48 hours.
The Editor

03-12-11 Subject: Good luck

Dear Editor,
Oh how I miss sunny Lanzarote! I’ve travelled to the Canaries many times but Lanzarote has become my favourite island. I was myself a reporter 20 years ago and I always look out for local publications on my travels. I gather your new English Magazine has grown out of the success of your German Edition. I look forward to reading more in the future, good luck. Mark Thorn, Sheffield

03-07-11 Subject: Why 37 degrees?

Dear Editor,
I am visiting friends in Lanzarote and picked up your magazine from their coffee table when the weather did not allow any sunbathing. I found the magazine very interesting and would like to know why it is called 37 degrees? Does it have anything to do with the longitude/latitude of the island? If you inform your readers in your next edition my friends promised to let me know. Keep up the good work. Tom Power, London

02-23-11 Subject: 'pleasantly surprised'

Dear Editor
I’ve been enjoying holidays in Lanzarote the past 5 years and was pleasantly surprised to find another English magazine containing news and information about the island. My husband and I are considering a move to the island when we retire. We are both keen gardeners and enjoyed the article providing gardening tips. I look forward to reading the next editions upon my return to the island as I’ve asked a resident friend to collect them for me. All the best for the future. Katherine Walker, Brighton UK

02-19-11 Subject: Suggestions

Dear Editor
I’ve just moved to the island with my family and was pleased to find a locally produced magazine in English. I particularly enjoyed the article about the Timanfaya National Park. I found it fascinating to read that so many different species of plant and animal life can be found in such a barren environment. I would like to suggest the inclusion of an article or two containing information about settling on the island such as how to register residence, tips on buying a car, and childcare. I am sure that general advice would be very helpful and appreciated by all newcomers. Otherwise, thank you for a very informative and interesting magazine. I look forward to reading the future editions. Erica F., Portsmouth, UK

02-11-11 Subject: More than "pretty pictures"

Dear Editors
I am writing to congratulate you on the launch of the English version of your excellent magazine, which I recently bought at Arrecife airport on my flight back to the UK. I especially found your in-depth report on corruption on Lanzarote particularly informative. Well done for covering something controversial rather than just "pretty pictures" of tourist places to visit! Whilst based in north Cornwall, I also own a holiday home in Playa Blanca and spend up to six months a year on Lanzarote.
As a freelance journalist I have been asked to head up a media publicity campaign about the latest plans for the harbour development. The spectacular views currently enjoyed by guests at this hotel and the holiday complex, as well as tourists strolling along the seafront, will be destroyed, and the whole charm of the fishing port will be ruined. I do hope you will feel that this potential disaster is worthy of publicity in your magazine. Jenny Campbell, Cornwall

Dear Mrs Campbell
Thank you very much for your letter. We are very glad that you appreciate our new magazine. We do indeed think that the harbour development plans are worthy of publicity and have decided to publish your press release immediately. The Editor




02-05-11 Subject: Keep up the good work

Dear Sir
I have enjoyed reading the news and informative articles in the first English edition of Lanzarote37°. I am looking forward to the next. Keep up the good work. Mr R. Robinson, Lanzarote

01-22-11 Subject: Tremesana guided walk

Dear Lanzarote 37°
I read your English edition with great interest, especially the feature on corruption. I also found the information and practical tips very useful. However, the information about the Tremesana guided walk on page 6 appears to be out of date. The telephone number no longer exists, and the email address doesn‘t work either, or at least I did not receive any response to my inquiry. It would be nice if you could check the information and correct it in your next edition. Beatrix W., Darlington

Dear Ms W.
Thank you for your letter. It is indeed true that the 3-hour Tremesana walk is 4 km longer than stated and that the phone number for bookings has changed. It is now 928 118 042 (Web: www.reservasparquesnacionales.es). We apologise for any inconvenience the incorrect information may have caused. The Editor

Carnival on Lanzarote 2011: Here are the dates of the main events. Photo: Lanzarote37°/Bernard

03-01-2011: Subject: Carnival on Lanzarote

What dates in March 2011 are the main carnival events in Lanzarote?
Thanks Keith

2011 dates for Carnival on Lanzarote are:
Carnival in Arrecife 7 - 9 March (Ash Wednesday, end of Carnival in Arrecife);
Carnival in Puerto del Carmen: 10 - 12 March, procession 12 March; Carnival in Haría: 18 - 20 March, procession 19 March;
Carnival in Tinajo and Teguise: 25 - 27 March, processions: both on 26 March;
Carnival in Yaiza: 17 - 20 March, procession 19 March.
If you want to know more about Carnival on Canary Islands and especially Lanzarote look for the 2nd edition of our magazine Lanzarote37° which is now available in all bookshops and all supermarkets on Lanzarote island.
Regards, Susan Bernard, Lanzarote37°

02-01-2011 Subject: Internet access in Lanzarote!

Dear Lanzarote37°
Can you tell me the best internet access in Lanzarote?

Thanks for your letter. 
You can buy "dongle" with or without contract either Vodafone or Orange or Movistar or Yoigo or Simyo - the cheapest solution. They all give you near broadband speed wherever you can get a mobile connection ... so you can strap the laptop on to the back of the bike and head off to conduct business from wherever 
you want! Here we described exactly the different options how to connect to the internet without having a landline or while on holiday in Lanzarote.

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