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Wednesday, 28. October 2020
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Aetur calls for crack down on unlicensed adventure tourism operators

Lanzarote, Adventure tourism, 37°, 37degrees, Island news.
According to Aetur scuba diving is regulated by an outdated act. Photo: Lanzarotre37°

31/05/2012 Lanzarote (BG) - Employers’ federation Aetur has claimed a number of companies across Lanzarote, who, during the summer months, offer adventure tourism excursion such as scuba diving, are operating independently “without a license”, “do not possess insurance” and are “not paying taxe...

Latest news

Preperation for Haría Extreme 2012

Lanzarote, Haría Extreme 2012, 37°, 37degrees, Island news.
Haría Extreme 2012 run takes place on June 16th. Photo: AyuntamientodeHaría.com .

31/03/2012 Lanzarote (BG) - Over the coming fortnight the Haría town council is to carry out a number of cleaning operations along several phases of the route that forms this year’s edition of the Haría Extreme trail race.


Since last week many areas have been cleaned and the remaining areas ...

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El Cabildo de Lanzarote to terminate contract with Torres Construction

Lanzarote, Arrecife cycle path,37°,37degrees,island news.
Construction on proposed Arrecife cycle path (similar to picture) stalled as Torres construction loses contract. Photo: Wikipedia.

29/05/2012 Lanzarote (BG) - El Cabildo de Lanzarote have decided to terminate the contract they have in place with Torres Construction, regarding the construction of a bicycle lane in Arrecife and canopies in Tias. Following the sale of the company seven months ago, work on the project has prac...

Latest news

New motion on mobile phones

Lanzarote, mobile phone allowance,37°,37degrees,island news.
Pedro de Armas (Lanzarote Nationalist Party) racked up a phone bill of €1,200 while on a trip to the Caribbean. Photo: Wikipedia, Martin Seyer.

29/05/2012 Lanzarote (BG) - Blanca Blancas and Domingo Garcia, members of Alternativa Ciudadana en el Ayuntamiento de Arrecife, have proposed an initiative stating all council members who exceed the monthly €120 allowance for mobile phone usage, pay the outstanding amount out of their own pocke...

Latest news

Foreign residents account for 28% of total population

Lanzarote, non national figures,37°,37degrees,Island news.
Figures show foreign nationals account for over one quarter of Lanzarote's total population. Photo:Bernard/Lanzarote37°,


29/05/2012 Lanzarote (BG) - According to latest figures released by the National Institute of Statistics, non Spanish nationals account for just under 28% of Lanzarote’s official 142,517 population. The data revealed 57% of foreign nationals residing here are between the ages of 25-55, whilst...

Latest news

Increase in taxi fares

Lanzarote, taxi fares, 37°, 37degrees, Isalnd news.
Taxi fares set to increase. Photo:Dirk, Wikipedia.

28/05/2012 Lanzarote (BG) - Tuesday, May 29th will see the introduction of more expensive taxi rates across the island. The increase in rates has been approved by the Minister for Industry and Commerce of the Canary Islands, Margarita Ramos, upon a request from the mancomunidad de municipios de...

Latest news

Opening of water desalination plant delayed until 2013

Lanzarote, desalination plant, 37°, 37degrees, Island news.
The new water desalination plant to be built beside this one in Arrecife will have the capacity to desalinate approximately 12,000 cubic metres of water per day. Photo: Bernard/Lanzarote37°.

28/05/2012 Lanzarote (BG) - Minister for Water of the Canary Islands Government, Juan Ramón Hernández, has announced that the new water desalination plant “Lanzarote V” will begin operating in 2013, almost three years after the facility, boasting a capacity to desalinate approximately 12,000 cubic m...

Latest news

Betancourt released while Saenz and Montesinos charged with five offences

28/05/2012 Lanzarote (BG) - Former auditor of St.Bartolomé and current presidente del Consejo Regulador de la Denominación de Origen del Vino de Lanzarote (Chairman of the Board of designation of wine origin Lanzarote), Javier Betancourt, was released from custody in the early hours of Saturday morn...

Latest news

7 month old baby among four injured in Arrecife house fire

24/05/2012 Lanzarote/Arrecife (BG) - A seven month old baby was among four people injured in a house fire that broke out in Arrecife overnight. Last night/early this morning the Emergency Coordination and Security Service of the Canary Islands (CECOES) received several calls alerting them to a ...

Latest news

Townhall Arrecife: Mayor appoints new auditor

Lanzarote, Arrecife corruption, lanzaroteinformation, 37°, 37degrees, Island News.
Arrecife Town Hall. Photo: Bernard/Lanzarote37°.

Lanzarote/ Arrecife (BG) - In the wake of recent events the Mayor of Arrecife, Manuel Fajardo, has moved swiftly to appoint a new auditor for the area. Earlier today he assured the public that “the municipal management of area will not be affected by the arrest of auditor Carlos Sáenz” and would app...

Latest news

Arrecife townhall:
Corruption investigation progressing rapidly

Lanzarote, Arrecife town hall, 37°, 37degrees, Island news.
Mayor of Arrecife, Manuel Fajardo (centre), in discussion with his second in command, Jose Montelongo (left), and third in command, Blanca Blancas (right). Photo: Bernard/Lanzarote37°.

Lanzarote/Arrecife (BG) -Authorities aiming to get to the bottom of the much publicised Lanzarote and Fuerteventura corruption scandal have this week focused their attention on a number of high profile figures. In an effort to obtain crucial evidence operations have started to intensify.

Latest news

Teguise Town Hall extends its opening hours

Lanzarote, Teguise Town Hall, 37°, 37degrees, Island news.
Teguise Town Hall (pictured) will now be open from 17.00 to 19.30 on Thurdsay evenings.

24/05/2012 Lanzarote (BG) - El concejal de Persona of the municipality of Teguise, Miguel Ángel Jiménez, yesterday announced that as of today, Thursday, May 24th, Teguise Town Hall and municipal offices in Costa Teguise, Caleta de Sebo, departments outside the House Consistory and Social ...

Latest news

Further protests against proposed education cuts and oil drilling

Lanzarote, protests, 37°, 37degrees, Island news.
Human chain protest against oil drilling is to take place this Saturday. Photo: Convoca: Movilizaciones Ciudadanas no al Petroleo en Canarias.

23/05/2012 Lanzarote (BG) -Close to 500 demonstrators took the streets in Lanzarote on Tuesday evening to protest against the proposed education cuts. José Ramon Barroso, El secretario general de Enseñanza de CCOO en Canarias (Canary Islands general secretary for Education, CCOO) announced the event...

Latest news

Tax probe into Banco Santander chairman dropped

Lanzarote,Banco Santander, 37°,37degrees,Island news.
The tax probe into chairman of Banco Santander Emilio Botín's tax affairs has been dropped. Photo: Bernard/Lanzarote37°


23/05/2012 Lanzarote (BG) - The Spanish National Court announced on Tuesday it had closed its investigation into the tax affairs of Emilio Botín, chairman of Banco Santander, Spain’s largest bank. Botín, Spain’s leading banking figure, along with 11 of his relatives, were the subject of a tax prob...

Latest news

Largest solar telescope in Europe opens on the Canary Islands

Lanzarote,Gregor telescope, 37°,37degrees,Island news.
The Gregor telescope will allow scientists view structures on the sun on scales as small as 70km. Photo: Wikipedia, NASA.

23/05/2012 Lanzarote (BG) - The Gregor telescope, billed as the most powerful solar telescope in Europe, opened on the Canary Island of Tenerife on Monday. Scientists claim it will enable them to study the sun in unprecedented detail. According to a statement released by the Astrophysical Insti...

Latest news

House prices down nearly 16% in Arrecife

Lanzarote,Arrecife,house prices,37°,37degrees,Island news.
House proces in Arrecife fall by 15.9% in one year. Photo: Bernard/Lanzarote37°.

22/05/12 Lanzarote (BG) - According to a report on ‘Ventadepisos.com’ the price of housing in the Lanzarote capital, Arrecife, has fallen by 15.9% compared to this time last year. In April, one square meter of land in Arrecife cost €1,237. The report was released by Precio de Venta de Viviendes de S...

Latest news

Teguise to clamp down on pet offences

Lanzarote,Teguise,pet regulations,37°,37degrees,Island news.
Pet owners must obey new regulations or risk being hit with a substantial fine. Photo: Bernard/Lanzarote37°.

22/05/2012 Lanzarote (BG) - A new campaign aiming to “raise awareness” amongst pet owners has been launched in the area of Teguise this week. The campaign hopes to remind pet owners they must obey new regulations being brought in to effect immediately.


The regulations state all pet owners must re...

Latest news

Theme park proposal being “considered”

Lanzarote, Costa Teguise, theme park proposal, 37°, 37degrees, Island News.
Tourists and locals in Costa Teguise may soon have another alternative to the beach if the proposed theme park gets the green light. Photo: Bernard/Lanzarote37°

21/05/2012 Lanzarote (BG) - An unnamed businessman has submitted a proposal to the Costa Teguise Town Council outlining his interest in constructing a theme park in the area. He claims the park will be solely dedicated to children containing various water slides and pools. According to Mayor of...

Latest news

Man drowns and four others rescued on Orzola beach

Lanzarote drowning,Playa de la Canteria,37°,37degrees,Island news.
Playa de la Cantería beach in Orzola where the man drowned. Photo: Bernard/Lanzarote37°

21/05/2012 Lanzarote (BG) - A 54 year old man has died following a drowning incident at Playa de la Cantería, Orzola, on Saturday afternoon. According to local sources, the man got into difficulty while attempting to rescue his 14 year old son who was struggling in the water. The Canarian Emerg...

Latest news

Spaniard and Dane claim Lanzarote Ironman titles

Lanzarote,Ironman,37°, 37degrees,Island news.
An athelete receives a much needed snack from a helper on the cycling stage of the race. Photo: Bernard/Lanzarote37°

21/05/2012 Lanzarote (BG) -  

Spanish tri-athlete Victor del Corral and Danish tri-athlete Michelle Vesterby are the respective winners of the 21st Lanzarote Ironman, which took place on the island over the weekend.


In the male category, Catalan, del Corral, finished in a total time o...

Latest news

Seaweed problem on Arrecife beach

Lanzarote,seaweed problem, Playa del Reducto, 37°,37degrees,Island news
A view of Playa del Reducto beach from the summit of the Gran Hotel, Arrecife. Photo: Lanzarote37/Bernard.

16/05/2012 Lanzarote (BG) - A blanket of green algae continues to cover the sand and shoreline at El Reducto beach, Arrecife. The problem began in late April and does not appear to be going away. According to the city council, Councillor for the Environment, Rafael Juan Gonzales, went to analyse the...

Latest news

Protests against oil exploration gather further momentum

Lanzarote,Canariasdiceno,oil protest,37°,37degrees, Island news
Protestors voice their opinion at the demonstration against the oil exploration in Arrecife on 24th March. Photo: Cabildo de Lanzarote

16/05/2012 Lanzarote (BG) - Protests against the proposed oil drilling off the coast of Lanzarote have again escalated this week with three significant announcements on the popular issue.


“No to oil, yes to renewable” activists, along with members of the Coordinating Committee Insular against oil...

Latest news

Aeronautical museum commemorates International Museum Day

Lanzarote's original airport building is now an aeronautical museum. Photo: Bernard/Lanzarote37°

15/05/2012 Lanzarote (KMC) - Lanzarote’s original airport building will commemorate International Museum Day with a week of longer opening hours and a musical performance. From Monday 14th May to Friday 18th May the museum will open from 9am to 6pm.


On Friday 18th May, which is Interna...

Latest news

Heat wave hits Lanzarote

Lanzarote,heat wave, Playa de la Garita, 37°,37degrees,Island news
Playa de la Garita (above). The current heat wave has resulted in both tourists and residents alike flocking to the island's beaches to keep cool. Photo: Bernard/Lanzarote37°

14/05/2012 Lanzarote (KMC) - Lanzarote is currently on orange alert due to the high temperatures experienced over the weekend. The island saw temperatures just below 40 degrees, and several people found themselves in hospital after suffering from heat stroke in Teguise.

The current heat wave is exp...

Latest news

Tourist figures drop

Lanzarote,tourists,Timanfaya, Fire Mountains,37°,37degrees, Island news
Lanzarote saw a drop of almost 23,170 tourists in the month of April, compared to the same time last year. Photo: Lanzarote37°/Cornelius Klingel

11/05/2012 Lanzarote (KMC) - Lanzarote saw a drop of almost 23,170 tourists in the month of April, compared to the same time last year, an overall decrease of 14.51%. The low results for April have also affected the overall figures for visitors to Lanzarote in the first four months of 2012, which ar...

Latest news

Car rental companies criticise tax increases

11/05/2012 Lanzarote/Canary Islands (KMC) - Lanzarote hotel employers have already reacted angrily to the proposed tax increase by the Canarian Government, and now it is the turn of the car rental companies. The employers’ association for car hire in Lanzarote, part of Aetur, has dismissed the incre...

Latest news

Tao celebrates St Rita

11/05/2012 Lanzarote (KMC) - This Saturday the village of Tao will begin its celebrations for St Rita. The special events will run until Friday 25th May and Daniel Morales from Ayuntamiento de Teguise encourages residents from all over the island to participate and enjoy the programme.


The presid...

Latest news

Longer open hours for Cabildo

Lanzarote,Cabildo de Lanzarote,37°,37degrees,Island news
The Cabildo de Lanzarote (above) has extended its opening hours. Photo: Cabildo de Lanzarote

10/05/2012 Lanzarote (KMC) - The Cabildo de Lanzarote has extended its working hours and now will remain open for half an hour longer. The doors of the building will now open at 7.45am and close at 3.15pm. However this is not the only change, from 7th June, the Cabildo will also be open to the publi...

Latest news

II Trail San Marcial

Lanzarote, San Marcial, 37°, 37degrees, Island news
Registration is now open for the second Trail San Marcial. Photo: Ayuntamiento de Yaiza

10/05/2012 Lanzarote (KMC) - Registration has opened for the second Trail San Marcial del Rubicon. Participants can choose whether to race the 10km race or the 20km race. Athletes can download the application form and rules of the race from www.yaiza.es


The date of the race is Sunday 8th</su...

Latest news

Return of the indignados

Lanzarote,indignados,37°, 37degrees, Island news
Indignados gathered in Arrecife last year to protest against high unemployment and the economic crisis. Photo: Bernard/Lanzarote37°

10/05/2012 Lanzarote/ Spain (KMC) - This Saturday, 12th May, the Real Democracy Movement Lanzarote will take to the streets of Arrecife to celebrate the first anniversary of this wave of social action. The group will be at Calle Real in the city centre from 10am before gathering at the Mu...

Latest news

Sonidos Liquidos – Ticket for ‘Ciempiés Ni Cabeza’ sold out

Lanzarote, Sonido Liquidos,37°,37degrees,Island news
For the concert on 27th May there are still tickets available.

The upcoming concert by ‘Ciempiés Ni Cabezá’, on Sunday 13th May, which is part of the Sonidos Liquidos series taking place in the bodegas ‘El Grifo’, is now sold out.

However if you have missed out on a ticket, do not worry as there are still tickets available for the next concert in the Sonidos L...

Latest news

Summer of music in Lanzarote

Lanzarote,Summer of music, 37°,37degrees,Island news
MTV's 'Best Spanish Musician 2012' Lourdes Hernandez (above) is just one of the musical acts playing in Lanzarote this summer. Photo: Cabildo de Lanzarote

08/05/2012 Lanzarote (KMC) - Summer 2012 is shaping up to be a good one for music lovers on Lanzarote. Throughout May, June and July there are events to cater for all musical tastes from classical to pop and from rock to folk.

Two big names are coming to Arrecife, on Saturday 24th May Lo...

Latest news

New diving guide

Lanzarote,new diving guide,37°,37degrees,Island news
Photo: Turismo de Lanzarote

07/05/2012 Lanzarote (KMC) - Many visitors and residents on Lanzarote love to explore the waters off the island and observe the exotic marine life. Luckily The Tourist Board of Lanzarote has launched a new guide to diving which can be downloaded as a PDF from the website

Latest news

Los Suaves Concert

Lanzarote, Los Suaves, 37°,37degrees, Island news
Photo: Cabildo de Lanzarote

07/05/2012 Lanzarote (KMC) - Popular Spanish rock band Los Suaves are coming to Lanzarote and tickets are on sale now. The concert takes place on Friday 15th June at the Carpa Recinto Ferial in Arrecife.

Tickets cost €20 and can be purchased at the following various outlets around the island:




Latest news

Endesa aims to make La Graciosa self-sustainable

Lanzarote, Endesa, sustainable, 37°,37degrees, Island news
Endesa aims to make La Graciosa into a self-sustainable island in energy terms therefore making it less dependant on Lanzarote. Photo: Bernard/Lanzarote37

07/05/2012 La Graciosa/ Lanzarote (KMC) - The Canary Islands are working together with Spain’s largest electric utility company, Endesa, to make La Graciosa a self-sustainable island in terms of energy and therefore less dependent on Lanzarote.


Endesa aims to develop a clean energy supply by mean...

Latest news

Children’s play - More than tall tales

Lanzarote, Cartel Mas Que Cuentos Chinos, 37°, 37degrees, Island news
Photo: Cabildo de Lanzarote

04/05/2012 Lanzarote (KMC) - The Old Road Theatre Company brings the children’s play ´more than tall tales’ to Lanzarote on Friday 11 May at the Teatro Insular.


The play consists of three protagonists Cúcala, Mácala and Titerefué, whose crazy adventures take them to distant countries, filling the...

Latest news

Unemployment in Lanzarote rises yet again

Lanzarote, unemployment, Spanish job centre, 37°, 37 degrees, Island news
A Spanish job centre (pictured). New data released today has revealed that unemployment has risen again in Lanzarote and across the Canary Islands as a whole. Photo: Wikipedia/Miguillen

04/05/2012 Lanzarote/Canary Islands/ Spain (KMC) - Unemployment in Lanzarote for the month of April has risen by 1.86%, with 399 people newly unemployed. The total figure for the island has now reached 17,599 according to the Observatorio de Empleo de Canarias (Employment Observatory of the Canary I...

Latest news

Jolaterock music concert

Lanzarote, Jolaterock music concert, 37°, 37 degrees, Island news
Photo: Cabildo de Lanzarote

04/05/2012 Lanzarote (KMC) - The fourth annual Jolaterock concert will be held this Saturday 5 May at Charco San Ginés in Arrecife.

Performers include Tío Matt, a quintet from Gran Canaria as well as band such as The Goose Green, Sintasiva, Moses Marquez group, Overbooking, Snif Nh3, Child Noise an...

Latest news

Lanzarote reinforces its presence in the Irish market

04/05/2012 Lanzarote/Ireland (KMC) - A group of Irish travel agents have recently paid a visit to the island as part of a FAM trip organised by Turismo Lanzarote and Turespaña through the Spanish Tourist Office in Dublin. The trip aimed to strengthen the presence of Lanzarote as a tourist destinatio...

Latest news

Lanzarote Summer Music Festival

Lanzarote, Summer Music Festival, 2012, 37°, 37 degrees, Island news
If you can't make one of the big European musical festivals this Summer, dont miss the 2012 Lanzarote Music Festival with free entry and guaranteed good weather! Photo: Cabildo de Lanzarote

02/05/2012 Lanzarote (KMC) - A staple of the summer season is undoubtedly heading to one of the many annual music festivals taking place around Europe. But don’t fear if you have to give Glastonbury or Benicássim a miss this year because we have our own music festival taking place on Lanzarote which...

Latest news

Music week in Lanzarote

Lanzarote, Semana de la Música, 37°, 37degrees, Island news
The eleventh annual Semana de la Música begins on Monday 30th April. Photo: Cabildo de Lanzarote

25/04/2012 Lanzarote (KMC) - From Monday 30 April music students, alumni and staff from the School of Music will hold a series of concerts for XI Semana de la Música. This annual event is organised by the Cabildo of Lanzarote through the Consejería de Educación y Cultura (Ministry of Education and C...

Latest news

Tax rise could cost hotel industry 100 million euros

24/04/2012 Canary Islands/ Lanzarote - Hotel employers have reacted angrily and warned of the “serious consequences” faced by the tourist industry as a result of the proposed tax increase announced by the Canarian Government.


The proposed tax increases mean that the rate of IGIC could rise from 5...

Latest news

Imminent tax increase in the Canaries

24/04/2012 Canary Islands/ Lanzarote (KMC) - The CC-PSOE coalition have approved a draft law (Ley de Medidas Administrativas y de Modificación de Normas Tributarias) which paves the way for a 2% increase in tax here from the end of June 2012 to the year 2014. The Canarian Government hopes that t...

Latest news

Peaceful protest to become punishable by law?

Lanzarote,protest punishable,37°,37degrees,Island news
Spanish Interior Minister Jorge Fernández Díaz has announced a tightening of laws that could make some aspects of peaceful protest punishable by law. Picture:©Lanzarote37°/Schulz

23/04/2012 Spain (KMC) - The Spanish Interior Minister Jorge Fernández Díaz has announced a tightening of laws that could make some aspects of peaceful protest punishable by law. If the bill is approved by the Spanish Parliament the changes could come into force as soon as 2013. The reforms include ...

Latest news

Ryanair rejects Spanish government’s possible landing fee increase:
Customers may have to foot the bill

Ryanair customers already booked to fly to Spain may face additional charges if the Spanish government presses ahead with a rise in landing fees. Photo: Lanzarote37°/Bernard

23/04/2012 Canary Islands/Spain (KMC) - Millions of Ryanair passengers who have already booked flights to Spain may have to pay an additional surcharge as a result of a possible increase in landing fees here.

The increase in landing fees has been proposed as part of Spain’s budget and CEO Michael O...

Latest news

What`s on at the weekend?
Motor racing or reading in Lanzarote

Lanzarote, Rallysprint rallies ,37°, 37degrees, Island news, lanzaroteinformation
The annual Rallysprint motor-racing event for those who enjoy fast cars and competition. Photo:©Lanzarote37°/Klingel

20/04/2012 Lanzarote (KMC) - There are two very different but exciting events occurring in Lanzarote over the next couple of days. The first is the annual Rallysprint Guatiza motor-racing event on Saturday 21st April. The ...

Latest news

Ambassador Paxman dismisses ´health tourism’ accusation

Lanzarote Ambassador Paxman 37degrees lanzaroteinformation
HM Ambassador Giles Paxman (above right) on a recent trip to the Canary Islands. Photo: British Embassy

20/04/2012 Canary Islands/ Spain (KMC) - HM Ambassador Giles Paxman has written a letter to Spanish daily newspaper ABC in response to an article which suggested the British Embassy was encouraging health tourism.

The article was published just before a meeting of regional health ministers on Wedne...

Latest news

Cabildo press release on ciguatera poisoning

Lanzarote poisoning ciguatera 37degrees lanzaroteinformation amberjack
From March this year, the local Government Fisheries of Lanzarote began working with the marine division of the Guardia Civil, in order to strengthen fish inspection on the island. These inspections and information campaigns were carried out at random, in restaurants and at coastal fishing docks. Picture:©Lanzarote37°/Aquatis Diving

19/04/2012 Lanzarote (KMC) - In response to a number of cases of ciguatera poisoning, the Cabildo de Lanzarote has issued a press release on the protocol for controlling ciguatoxin.


According to the Ministry of Health of the Canary Islands, the Ciguatera poisoning was caused by the illegal poachi...

Latest news

2011 harvest low but “excellent”

Lanzarote, Bodega Los Bermejos, 37°, 37degrees, Island news
The Bodega Los Bermejos (above). The Lanzarote grape harvest for 2011 is the lowest in history, however the wine is still deemed to be an "excellent" quality. Photo: Bernard/Lanzarote37°

16/04/2012 Lanzarote (KMC) - The low grape harvest in 2011 has not affected the quality of Lanzarote wine. According to the Consejo Regulador del Vino, the 2011 grape harvest in Lanzarote was the “lowest in history”, with only 716,043 kilos of grapes harvested. However the quality of the wines was d...

Latest news

Music festival - Musicact

The first section of the Musicact music festival begins in Lanzarote on 28 April. Photo: Musicact

13/03/2012 Lanzarote (KMC) - Musicact is a new music festival in Lanzarote, set up by the Centres of Culture, Art and Tourism on the island. The festival consists of a variety of artists and monthly concerts around Lanzarote. The first section begins on the 28 April and includes three concerts over ...

Latest news

A one night stand with Barrie Rutter

Barrie Rutter will perform his one man show at the Camel House on Saturday 12th May 2012. Photo: Camel House Concerts

12/04/2012 Lanzarote (KMC) - Barrie Rutter will be presenting his one man show at the Camel House for one evening only on Saturday 12th May. The performance consists of an intimate and entertaining choice or readings, memories and anecdotes from the Yorkshireman. Barrie started off in the RSC and th...

Latest news

Lanzarote Vision

lanzarote vision bus tour
The Lanzarote Vision service which launched on the 30th March offers a new way for tourists and visitors to discover the Island. Photo: Lanzarote Vision

10/04/2012 Lanzarote (KMC) - The project ‘Lanzarote Vision’ was launched on 30th March and provides a different kind of tour around the main sites of the island. The service has a fixed timetable and functions like a public bus service in which ticket-holders simply jump-on and jump-off at designate...

Latest news

Change to consular visit

Lanzarote, Maria Leng,37°,37degrees,Island news
British Consulate Maria Leng. Photo: British Embassy.

04/03/2012 Lanzarote/ Fuerteventura (KMC) - The dates for the consular visit to Lanzarote in April have changed. The consul will now visit Puerto del Carmen (lounge of Hotel Los Fariones) on Tuesday 17 April (a.m.) and Playa Blanca (offices of Marina Rubicón) on Tuesday 17 April (p.m.)


The date f...

Latest news

Unemployment rises in the Canaries

Lanzarote, Spanish job centre, 37°, 37degrees, Island news
A Spanish job centre (pictured). New data today has revealed that unemployment has risen both locally in the Canary Islands and nationally in Spain over the last month. Photo: Wikipedia/Miguillen

03/04/2012 Canary Islands/ Spain (KMC) - According to data released today by the Ministry of Labour, 4,801 more people have become unemployed in the Canary Islands over the last month. This number is an increase of 1.72% on February’s figures, bringing the total number of unemployed on these islands...

Latest news

Consumption of Canarian produce is low

Lanzarote,Papas Arrugadas, 37°,37degrees,Island news
A typical Canarian dish of Papas Arrugadas and Mojo sauce. According to the government only 17% of produce consumed in the Canaries is also manufactured here. Photo: Lanzarote37°/Bernard

02/03/2012 Canary Islands (KMC) - According to the Department of Employment, Industry and Commerce, only 17% of the products consumed in the Canary Islands are manufactured here. This figure is extremely low in comparison to other Spanish regions with similar economies such as the Balearics.

“In th...

Latest news

Spain’s new austerity measures revealed

Lanzarote,Mariano Rajoy, 37°, 37 degrees, Island news
Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy today annouced a new austerity budget for Spain. Photo: Wikipedia/Iker Parriza

30/03/2012 Spain (KMC) - Spain’s most austere budget of the post-Franco era has been revealed today by the Partido Popular government led by Mariano Rajoy. The budget consists of €27.3 billion in cuts and tax rises and a freeze on public sector pay. Government spending will be reduced by 16.9 per ce...

Latest news

Good turnout for strike

Lanzarote_general strike_37°_37degrees_Island news
Yesterdays strike in Lanzarote was hailed as a success by the unions who claimed more than 65% of their members took part. Source: Youtube

30/03/2012 Lanzarote (KMC) - Spain’s two main unions UGT (Union General de Trabajadores) and CCOO (Comisiones Obreras) which led yesterdays strike in Lanzarote have hailed its success.

They estimate that more than 65% of their members in Lanzarote took part in the general strike.

They also claim t...

Latest news

New Jet2 route – Glasgow to Lanzarote

Lanzarote, Jet2, 37°, 37degrees, Island news
The first weekly Jet2 flight connecting Glasgow to Lanzarote lands at Lanzarote airport tonight. Photo: Wikipedia/54North

29/03/2012 Lanzarote/ Spain (KMC) - This evening at 19.50 hours, Lanzarote receives the first flight operated by jet2.com from Glasgow. Lanzarote’s Minister of Tourism Carmen Steinert and the manager of Tourism, Hector Fernandez will travel to the airport today to welcome the passengers of the inaug...

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Spanish strike makes flight disruption likely

Lanzarote, general strike, 37°, 37degrees, island news
Flights to and from Spain, as well as buses and trains in the country will be affected due to the general strike on Thursday 29th March. Photo: Wikipedia

28/03/2012 (KMC) Spain/ Lanzarote - Aer Lingus has said that all passengers flying to and from Spain tomorrow are likely to experience “significant disruption” due to the general strike.

A spokesman for the airline said the strike would affect flights from mainland Spain, the Balearic Islands and t...

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CaixaBank now Spains biggest bank

Lanzarote, CaixaBank, 37°, 37degrees, Island news
CaixaBank is now Spain's largest domestic bank after merging with the smaller Banca Civica. Photo: Wikipedia/jcorrius

27/03/2012 Spain (KMC) - CaixaBank has bought Banca Civica for 977m euros (£817m) creating Spain’s biggest bank in terms of domestic assets.

Spanish laws have been amended by the government to encourage mergers between collapsed and troubled banks.

Banca Civica was formed by combining four regiona...


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