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Wednesday, 28. October 2020
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Latest news

Giant screen for Euro 2012 final

Lanzarote,EURO2012,37°,37degrees,island news.
The UEFA Euro 2012 final between Spain and Italy will be aired on a giant screen on Playa del Reducto, Arrecife. Photo: Ayuntamiento de Arrecife/Lanzarote37°.

01/07/2012 Lanzarote (BG) - The UEFA Euro 2012 final between Spain and Italy will be aired on a giant screen on Playa del Reducto, Arrecife, thanks to the generosity of several local companies. Tunera Producciones, Grupo TSC, Hi-Visión, Cadena SER-40 Principales and the Ayuntamiento de Arrecife...

Latest news

British Consulates: New opening times

Lanzarote,British Consulate Gran Canaria,37°,37degrees,Island news

29/06/2012 Canary Islands - Following the previous announcement of operational changes, the British Consulates in Las Palmas and Tenerife have today released a poster to advertise the new opening hours.

The poster reads as follows:


New opening hours to the public from 1st July 2012: <...

Latest news

New buses for tourist resorts

28/06/2012 Lanzarote (KMC) - The popular tourist resorts of Puerto del Carmen and Costa Teguise are to get eight new buses after an agreement was signed by the Cabildo de Lanzarote and Arrecife Bus.


The investment of nearly €1.5m will allow for six new normal sized buses and two new minibuses to ...

Latest news

Arrests of Britons in Spain rise by 9%

The Las Palmas Consulate (above): Gran Canaria has seen an increase of 10% in British arrests over the last year. Photo: British Embassy

28/06/2012 Spain/Canary Islands (KMC) - The British Embassy in Madrid has urged Britons to avoid taking risks with the law, after new figures revealed a 9% increase in arrest cases involving British nationals in Spain.

Between April 2011 and March 2012, British Consulates in Spain handled 1,909 arr...

Latest news

New: Local online shopping site

Lanzarote,online shopping, 37°, 37degrees, Island news
Local online shopping comes to Lanzarote with compraslanzarote.com. Photo: istockphoto.com

28/06/2012 Lanzarote (KMC) - Lanzarote has now got its first online shopping centre dedicated to selling local products from small businesses on the island at www.compraslanzarote.com. The website aims to promote trade and local produce and to showcase al...

Latest news

Lanzarote – Vigo flight returns

The flight connecting Lanzarote and Vigo has returned and will be in operation until September 28th of this year. Photo: Bernatd/Lanzarote37°.

28/06/2012 Lanzarote (BG) - Galicia and Lanzarote are one step closer after airline company ‘Orbest’ has announced the return of the Lanzarote-Vigo flight for the duration of the summer. The route connecting the airports of Peinador in Vigo, and Guacimeta in Lanzarote will be in operation until...

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El Hierro placed on yellow alert

El Hierro,yellow alert,37°,37degrees,island news.
The Canary Island of El Hierro has been placed on yellow alert amid fears of a volcanic eruption. Photo: Wikipedia.

28/06/2012 El Hierro/Canary Islands (BG) - The smallest Canary Island of El Hierro has again been placed on yellow alert after scientists detected ‘anomalies’ in seismic activity, recording over 150 tremors beneath the sea floor yesterday. The ‘anomalies’ are similar to those witnessed in the l...

Latest news

Recovered body is diver Bosco Fernandez Tapias

27/06/2012 Lanzarote (KMC) - DNA tests have confirmed that the body found at Playa Chica in Puerto del Carmen is that of Bosco Fernandez Tapias. The body was discovered on June 19th by a dive instructor and his student at a depth of 90 metres. It was assumed that the body belonged to Fernandez as he...

Latest news

Concert: Classical Orchestra of Lanzarote

The Classical Orchestra of Lanzarote (pictured) will host a concert this Friday. Photo: Ayuntamiento de Teguise.

27/06/2012 Lanzarote (BG) -  The Classical Orchestra of Lanzarote, together with timple player Benito Cabrera, is hosting a concert celebrating a unique blend of classical music. The concert will be held this Friday, the 29th of June, at 21.00h in the convent of Santa Domingo, T...

Latest news

Famara beach to host national kitesurfing tour

The national kitesurfing tour comes to Famara. Photo: Rudolf Wild/wprphoto.com

27/06/2012 Lanzarote (KMC) - Between Monday the 9th of July and Saturday the 14th of July Famara beach will host the national kitesurfing tour.  The competition will cover the disciplines of ‘freestyle’ and ‘waves’.

The categories are as follows:  senior males, junior males, infant males ...

Latest news

Subida de Haría 2012

The programme of events for the 2012 edition of the Subsida de Haría. Photo: Cabildo de Lanzarote.

27/06/2012 Lanzarote (BG) -  Over fourty teams have registered for the Subida de Haría motor racing event set to take place on Lanzarote this Saturday, the 30th of June.


This year the Federación de Automovilismo de Las Palmas (FALP) have organised a new edition of the race. The race has...

Latest news

Lanzarote motorbike fair

Lanzarote's first motorbike fair will take place this weekend in the car park of Colegio Arenas Internacional in Costa Teguise. Photo: Cabildo de Lanzarote.

27/06/2012 Lanzarote (BG) - Lanzarote is set to host its first ever motorbike fair this weekend. “I Feria de la Moto” will run from Friday the 29th until Sunday the 31st of June.


Lanzarote’s motorbike fan base has experienced a steady growth in recent years and the fair aims to acknowledge t...

Latest news

Big name performances for Lanzarote and Fuerteventura

Lanzarote, Roger Sanchez, 37°,37degrees, Island news
World famous house DJ Roger Sanchez will perform on Fuerteventura in September. Photo: Wikipedia/Boyle

26/06/2012 Lanzarote/Fuerteventura (KMC) - Summer 2012 is shaping up to be an excellent one for music lovers in the Canaries. Over the next couple of months a number of music events featuring big name performers such as Roger Sanchez, Tony Matterhorn and Caron Wheeler will be taking place on Lanzaro...

Latest news

Papagayo campsite opens for summer holidays

A view of one of the beaches near the campsite in Papagayo. Photo: Bernard/Lanzarote37°.

26/06/2012 Lanzarote (BG) - The campsite located on the Puerto Muelas beach in Papayago, Playa Blanca opened last Friday, the 22nd of June, following an agreement between Yaiza town council and the Cabildo de Lanzarote.


In previous years the town council of Yaiza has sought financial help to...

Latest news

Operational changes to Canaries Consular services

Lanzarote,Maria Leng, British Consul,37°,37degrees,Island news
Maria Leng: British Consul for the Canary Islands. Photo: Bernard/37degrees

26/06/2012 Lanzarote/Canary Islands - From the 1st of July 2012, both British Consulates in Las Palmas and Santa Cruz will be introducing important operational changes. All non-emergency and non-time sensitive work will be moved to the Consulates in Las Palmas and Santa Cruz and delivered on specifi...

Latest news

Creating a whole new you!

Lanzarote,Lisa Clancy,37°,37degrees,Island news
Lisa Clancy wants to share her passion for style and fashion with the women of Lanzarote. Photo: Bernard/37degrees

26/06/2012 Lanzarote - Lisa Clancy had heard many times from her customers in Germany and Austria that the dream location for her business would be where women are on vacation, away from their daily routines and with plenty of time for a complete image overhaul. So af...

Latest news

Heat wave: Advice

Lanzarote,weather alert,37°,37degrees,island news.
The satellite image shows dust plumes, otherwise known as calima, being blown across the Atlantic ocean from western Africa. Photo: Wiki/NASA.

26/06/2012 Lanzarote (BG) - Following yesterday’s high temperature alert issued by the State Agency of Meteorology (AEMET), the Dirección General de Seguridad y Emergencias del Gobierno de Canarias (General Directorate of Emergency and Security of the Canary Islands) has advised the public to“k...

Latest news

Insurance for all your needs:
Teguise Broker Emily Simkins

Lanzarote,Emily Simkins Teguise Broker,37°,37degrees,Island news
Teguise Broker Emily Simkins was born in London, but has lived most of her life on Lanzarote. Photo: Bernard/Lanzarote37°

26/06/2012 Lanzarote (KMC) - Driving around Lanzarote in the seventies in an orange Citroën 2CV, is one of Teguise Broker Emily’s earliest memories of living on the island. Emily was born in Marylebone, central London; however she has lived in Lanzarote for mos...

Latest news

Low levels of wind energy

Lanzarote,wind energy,37°,37degrees,island news.
The total amount of wind energy produced on the island in 2011 was barely enough to supply Lanzarote for 12 days. Photo:Bernard/Lanzarote37°.

 26/06/2012 Lanzarote (BG) - Campaigners in support of wind energy were dealt a harsh blow recently after it was revealed that the total amount of wind energy produced on the island in 2011 was barely enough to supply Lanzarote for 12 days. The amount produc...

Latest news

Circunvalación: Who is responsible?

Lanzarote,Circunvalacion,37°,37degrees,island news.
The Association of Consumers and Citizens of Lanzarote (Aculanza) are angry with the condition of the Arrecife Circunvalación (ring road). Photo: Bernard/Lanzarote37°.

26/06/2012 Lanzarote/Canary Islands (KMC) - The Association of Consumers and Citizens of Lanzarote (Aculanza) has sought the help of a lawyer to determine who is responsible for the state of the Arrecife Circunvalación (ring road). The move follows recent exchanges be...

Latest news

Increase in Russian tourist market

26, 911 Russian tourists have visited the Canary Islands during the first five months of 2012. Photo: Bernard/Lanzarote37°.

26/06/2012 Canary Islands (KMC) - The number of Russians holidaying in the Canary Islands has significantly increased from last year. Tourist figures have risen from 20,286 in the first five months of 2011 to 26, 911 between January and May of 2012, an increase...

Latest news

Yaiza Councilor fined €6,000

Roque Herrera (pictured), PP Councilor in the municipality of Yaiza has been fined €6,000 for illegally renting a villa he owns to tourists. Photo: Partido Popular.

25/06/2012 Lanzarote (BG) - La dirección general de ordenación y promoción turística (The General Directorate of tourism management and promotion) has imposed two fines totaling €6,000 on Roque Herrera, PP Councilor in the municipality of Yaiza, after he was accused of illegally renting a villa he o...

Latest news

Modernisation of Puerto del Carmen

Lanzarote,Puerto del Carmen,37°,37degrees,island news.
The second phase of the modernisation of Puerto del Carmen (pictured) is to commence soon. Photo: Bernard/Lanzarote37°.

19/06/2012 Lanzarote (BG) - President of the Canary Islands, Paulino Rivero, and the Mayor of Tías, José Francisco Hernández have jointly encouraged business members involved in the tourist sector to support and join the second phase of the modernisation of Puerto del Carmen initiative. The ini...

Latest news

Britons favour Canary Islands

Lanzarote,tourism,37°,37degrees,island news.
Canary Islands revealed as the favourite British summer holiday destination of 2012. Photo: Bernard/Lanzarote37°.

15/06/2012 Lanzarote/Canary Islands (BG) - The UK’s leading online travel agent ‘On the Beach’ has seen a significant increase in bookings for cheap holidays abroad this summer. The figures suggest that once again ‘staycations’ have been put on the back foot, as Brits head to warmer waters hopi...

Latest news

Stricter pet regulations for Yaiza

The Presa Canario (pictured) is one of seventeen breeds of dog you need a license to own. Photo: Bernard/Lanzarote37°.

15/06/2012 Lanzarote (BG) - The City Council of Yaiza has approved a proposal put forward by the ‘ordenanza municipal de animales’ (municipal animal regulation board) that contains new, stricter regulations for pet owners in the area.



Under the new regulations pet owners are obliged to col...

Latest news

Monthly walks aimed at residents

Lanzarote Active Club are hoping to organise at least one walk per month aimed at the residents of the Island. Photo:Lanzarote37°.

15/06/2012 Lanzarote (BG) - From July onwards Lanzarote Active Club are to organise at least one walk per month aimed at residents of Lanzarote. The first walk will take place on Sunday, July 15h, and will depart at 9.00am from the cemetery in Guatiza. The route will pass through Barranco de Te...

Latest news

Human chain in Cataluña

Protestors voice their opinion at the demonstration against the oil exploration in Arrecife on 24th March. Photo: Cabildo de Lanzarote

14/06/2012 Lanzarote (BG) - The citizen’s movement “No to Oil in the Canarias” has organised a human chain protest scheduled to take place this Sunday, June 17th, at 18.00pm in the Playa de la Barcelonesa (Somorrostro Zone), Cataluña, against oil exploration in the Canaries.


Latest news

Increase in accomodation occupancy

Lanzarote,tourism,37°,37degrees,island news.
Lanzarote was visited by 123,669 foreign tourists throughout May, an increase of 4,649 (3.91%) compared to the same month last year. Photo: Bernard/Lanzarote37°.

14/06/2012 Lanzarote (BG) - The month of May saw a welcome increase in the occupation of hotels and apartments on Lanzarote, after three consecutive months of decline. Hotels and apartment complexes revealed 64.22% of available accommodation was occupied, compared to 61.93% during the same peri...

Latest news

Injured sailor rescued

Lanzarote,sea rescue,37°,37degrees.island news.
The man was working aboard the Cape Baltic (pictured) vessel. Photo: www.SalvamentoMarítimo.com

14/06/2012 Lanzarote (BG) - Early yesterday morning the The Salvamento Marítimo (Maritime Rescue Service) (CCS), based in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria carried out a mission to rescue a wounded sailor from a ship located 123 miles off the coast of Lanzarote. The sailor, a 48 year old Filipino crew m...

Latest news

New training programme launched

Lanzarote, training courses,37°,37degrees,island news.
The new training programme will offer many courses covering a variety of topics. Photo: Wikipedia.

13/06/2012 Lanzarote (BG) - La Escuela de Empresa Microsistemas (Microsystem Business School) has launched a new training programme for professionals, adults and students over 16 years of age. This new programme features a more varied curriculum, offering over 100 courses across many educationa...

Latest news

Repsol abandon oil exploration off Cuban coast

Lanzarote,oil exploration,37°,37degrees,island news.
Repsol have scrapped their plans to drill for oil off the Cuban coast due to political pressure from the U.S. Photo: Wikipedia.

13/06/2012 Lanzarote (BG) - Pedro Sane Ginés and Mario Cabrera, the respective presidents of the Cabildo de Lanzarote and Cabildo de Fuerteventura, have praised the recent decision of multinational oil giant, Repsol, to abandon their oil exploration off the coast of Cuba. The presidents announc...

Latest news

Second discussion on César Manrique

Lanzarote,César Manrique,37°,37degrees,island news.
This Thursday sees the second of five discussions on the life and work of César Manrique (pictured). Photo: César Manrique Foundation.

12/06/2012 Lanzarote (BG) - The second of five discussions focusing on the life and works of renowned artist and architect Cesar Manrique will take place this Thursday, June 14th, at 20.30h in the Sala José Saramago (José Saramago Room) de La Plazuela, Arrecife.


The event, titled ...

Latest news

Tías volunteer firefighters unhappy with City Council

Lanzarote,Tías,37°,37degrees,island news.
Los bomberos voluntarios de Tías (volunteer firefighters of Tías have been ordered to vacate their headquarters within ten days. Photo: Bernard/Lanzarote37°.

12/06/2012 Lanzarote (BG) - The association of volunteer firefighters in the municipality of Tías (Boluntis) has accused the City Council of “mistreatment and persecution”. Members of the association have expressed anger at the “discrimination” they have been subjected to from “the PP governmen...

Latest news

Spar announces environmental initiative

Lanzarote,spar plastic bags,37°,37degrees,island news.
Spar is to completly cease using non-biodegradable plastic grocery bags by 2018. Photo:Wikipedia.

12/06/2012 Lanzarote (BG) - On the fitting occasion of World Environment Day, Spar Lanzarote has announced it is to start charging customers for single use plastic bag in an attempt to reduce plastic consumption. As of June 7th 2012 single use plastic...

Latest news

31% living below poverty line

Lanzarote,poverty,37°,37degrees,island news.
31% of the population are living below the poverty line. Photo: Bernard/Lanzarote37°.

11/06/2012 Lanzarote/Canary Islands (BG) - Aid organization Cáritas last week vented its outrage after it announced “more than 31% of the Canary population are living below the poverty line”.  Director and Deputy Director of Cáritas in Santa Cruz, Tenerife, Leonardo Ruiz del Castillo&...

Latest news

Lanzarote Wine Run 2012

Lanzarote, wine run, 37°,37degrees, island news.
Participants of the Lanzarote Wine Run 2012. Photo: Cabildo de Lanzarote

11/06/2012 Lanzarote (BG) - Close to 2,000 people participated in this year’s edition of the Lanzarote Wine Run festival that took place in the picturesque town of La Garia over the weekend. Xavi Queral, of the Triyaiza club, emerged victorious in the male category while Aroa Merino was first p...

Latest news

Lanzarote on yellow alert

Lanzarote weather alert 37degrees lanzaroteinformation
The Meteorological Agency AEMET has placed Lanzarote on yellow alert until Wednesday. Photo: Lanzarote37°/Bernard

11/06/2012 Lanzarote (BG) - The Meteorological Agency AEMET has placed Lanzarote on yellow alert until Wednesday due to extremely strong winds and adverse coastal conditions.
The yellow alert began at 9am on Monday morning as winds were predicted to reach speeds of up to 70 kilometres per ...

Latest news

Illegal holiday lettings:
Sanctions imposed on apartment and villa owners

Lanzarote,illegal tourist accommodation,37°,37degreess,island news.
Sanctions have been imposed on a number of people who illegally rented their property to tourists. Photo:shutterstock.com

08/06/2012 Lanzarote (BG) - According to DiariodeLanzarote.com, the Ministry of Tourism has sanctioned three owners of two apartment complexes and one villa in the municipality of Tias, for illegally advertising and rent...

Latest news

Decision in favour of oil drilling

Lanzarote,oil protest,37°,37degrees,Island news
Protestors took to the streets of Arrecife on 24th March to protest against the decision to allow Repsol to drill for oil off the coasts of Lanzarote and Fuerteventura. This decision has now been upheld by the Spanish Supreme Court. Photo: Cabildo de Lanzarote

06/06/2012 (KMC) - The Spanish Supreme Court (Tribunal Supremo) has rejected the appeal by the Canary Islands government to ban oil drilling off the coasts of Lanzarote and Fuerteventura.

The government had originally hoped that the Supreme Court would decide to enforce its 2004 verdict against oi...


Canary Islands to be advertised during Euro 2012

08/06/2012 Lanzarote/Canary Islands (BG) - The Canary Islands will be promoted as “an exclusive tourist destination” in an advertising campaign to be broadcast during Euro 2012. The campaign, which begins today, Friday, June 8th, will consist of a 20 second video clip of the Archipelago and wil...

Latest news

Universidad de Vaerano de Lanzarote (Summer University of Lanzarote)

Universidad de Vaerano de Lanzarote is offering a number of courses during the summer. Photo: Cabildo de Lanzarote.

08/06/2012 Lanzarote (BG) -  The 7th edition of the Universidad de Vaerano de Lanzarote has announced it will offer ten courses this year despite cuts. The courses will run fromJuly 2nd to August 3rd. Each course is scheduled to run from Monday to Friday, with classes in either the mo...

Latest news

Woman rescued from sea at El Reducto

Lanzarote,El Reducto rescue,37°,37degrees,island news.
El Reducto beach where the lady was swimming before needing to be rescued. Photo: Bernard/Lanzarote37°.

08/06/2012 Lanzarote (BG) -  

Two brave swimmers rescued an elderly woman from the sea at El Reducto, on Thursday evening. The incident occurred at approximately 18.20h. The woman, a resident of El Reducto, was swimming in the sea when she suddenly fell ill. The two swimmers, who were at ...

Latest news

Lanzarote to host Female Juvenile Basketball Championships of Spain

Lanzarote, basketball, 37°, 37degrees, island news.
The Female Juvenile Basketball Championships of Spain will take place on Lanzarote from 17th to 23rd of June. Phto:Wikipedia.

07/06/2012 Lanzarote (BG) - If last season was the turn of the men’s teams, this year’s spotlight is focused on the future stars of women’s national basketball. 32 teams and 550 players will compete in what will be the twenty-eight edition of the Female Juvenile Basketball Championships of Spai...

Latest news

Four beaches awarded blue flag

Lanzarote,Blue Flag,37°,37degrees,island news.
Four beaches on Lanzarote have been awarded the European Blue Flag. Photo: Wikipedia/Roberta F.

07/06/2012 Lanzarote (BG) - The European Federation for Environmental Education (FEE) announced it has decided to grant the beaches of Playa de Los Pocillos, Matagorda, Pila de la Barrilla (better known as Playa Chica) and Playa Blanca (better known as Playa Grande) the European Blue Flag for a...

Latest news

Arrecife appoints new auditor

Mayor of Arrecife, Mauel Fajardo Feo, yesterday appointed a new auditor to replace the dismissed Carlos Sáenz. Photo: Bernard/Lanzarote37°.

07/06/2012 Lanzarote (BG) - Mayor of Arrecife, Mauel Fajardo Feo, on Wednesday appointed Carmen Villaverde as the new auditor of Arrecife, following the arrest of previous auditor Carlos Sáenz. Villaverde has served as an accountant with the City Council since September 1994 and was responsible...

Latest news

Fishermen demand retention of Emerlan rescue boat

06/06/2012 Lanzarote (BG) - The Fishermen’s Association of Puetro del Carmen, along with the Recreational Fishing club, has demanded the retention of the Emerlan rescue boat service. The future of the boat is in doubt after the Gobierno de Canarias (Government of the Canary Islands) announced t...

Latest news

“An Oil spill of 50 tons would reach Puerto del Rosario and Jandia within 48 hours”

Lanzarote,oil exploration,37°,37degrees,island news.
An oil spill of 50 tons would pollute a large area of the Lanzarote and Fuerteventura coasts. Photo: Wikipedia.

06/06/2012 Lanzarote/Fuerteventura (BG) - Biologist, José María Espinosa, speaking at the la Mesa redonda 'Los recursos pesqueros canarios frente a las prospecciones petrolíferas' talk on Tuesday night, claimed an oil spill of 50 tons, in zone 6, would arrive in Puerto del Rosario and Jandia wi...

Latest news

Lanzarote Water Board approve €1.5m investment plan

Lanzarote,water investment plan,37°,37degrees,island news.
The investment plan is set to improve the Island's water network. Photo: Wikipedia/Bidgee.

05/06/2012 Lanzarote (BG) - El Consejo Insular de Aguas de Lanzarote (Lanzarote Water Board) approved an investment plan of €1.5m during a meeting at the Cabildo de Lanzarote, on Monday. The investment, totaling €1,563,285, was approved by the Gobierno y la Junta General del Consejo Insular de ...

Latest news

50% discount for unemployed youths

Lanzarote, unemployed youth's dicount, 37°, 37degrees, island news.
Unemployed youths have until June 15th to purchase their discount tickets for the Los Suaves concert. Photo: Los Suaves.

05/06/2012 Lanzarote (BG) - Unemployed youths of Lanzarote will receive a 50% discount on tickets to the upcoming concerts of Los Suaves and Julieta Venegas. The discount is a result of an agreement between Tunera Productions and the Sports and Youth department of the City Council of Arrecife, ...

Latest news

K-nary announce details of concert

Lanzarote, K-nary concert, 37°, 37degrees, island news.
K-nary will be promoting their new album at their concert on Saturday, June 16th. Photo: K-nary.

05/06/2012 Lanzarote (BG) - Say hello to summer with a spectacular concert from K-nary on Saturday, 16thof June at El varadero -Puerto Del Carmen, Lanzarote from 22:00 to 02:30 AM


The group will be presenting their new album, “Yes We Are”, in addition to performances from Foncho, DJ Pedro Di...

Latest news

The Night Of Marc Dosem – “Picón Group”

Lanzarote, Marc Dosem, 37°, 37degrees, Island news.
The techno party will take place on Saturday, June 23rd, at 23.45. Photo:http://www.wix.com/picongroup/sinkro#!tickets.

05/06/2012 Lanzarote (BG) - On Saturday, June 23rd, 2012, Spanish techno DJ, Mark Dosem, will perform at a techno party, in La Casona De Tao, Lanzarote. Doors open at 23.45 and the party will continue until 9.00am the following morning.


In addition to Dosem, the event will also fe...

Latest news

Weekly express freight to connect Alicante and Arrecife

Lanzarote, Alicante/Arrecife,37°,37degrees,island news.
A freight ship, similar to the one pictured, will now connect the port's of Alicante and Arrecife on a weekly basis. Photo: Bernard/Lanzarote37°.

04/06/2012 Lanzarote/Canary Islands/Spain (BG) - As of last Friday, June 1st an “express” freight vessel will now connect Alicante and Arrecife on a weekly basis. The JSV Group have previously offered this service, but now their new vessel “Neuberg” is capable of doing the trip in the space of ...

Local new

Unemployment hits record high

Lanzarote, unemployment, 37°, 37degrees, island news.
Picture shows a Spanish job centre as latest figures show unemployment has reached a new high on Lanzarote. Photo: Wikipedia/Miguillen.

04/06/2012 Lanzarote (BG) - Unemployment in Lanzarote rose again in May and, according to the INEM, has now exceeded the 18,000 mark for the first time. During the month of May, a further 553 people registered their status as unemployed, representing an increase of 3.14%.This brings to 2,557, t...

Latest news

Seven vehicles destroyed in fire

Lanzarote, Lanzarote a caballo fire, 37°, 37degrees, island news.
Fire fighters examine the remains of one of the buggys that was burned in a fire at Lanzarote a caballo. Photo: Bernard/Lanzarote37°.

04/06/2012 Lanzarote (BG) - Seven buggy type vehicles have been completely destroyed in a fire that broke out on the premises of Lanzarote a caballo, shortly before dawn on Saturday morning.


 At approximately 2.20am on Saturday morning the CECOES received a call alerting them to vehicle...

Latest news

Increase in airport charges

Lanzarote,increase in air fares,37°,37degrees,Island news.
Aena are set to increase air fares despite recording a healthy profit last year. Photo: Bernard/Lanzarote37°.

04/06/2012 Lanzarote (BG) - The Consumers Association of Lanzarote (Aculanza) have complained that the company who regulate Aeropuertos Españoles and Navegación Aérea (Aena), (Spanish Airports and Air Navigation), are abusing citizens of the island by increasing air fares. They are angered by t...

Latest news

Fire on fishing boat

Lanzarote, fishing boat fire, 37°, 37degrees, island news.
Puerto Naos, where a fire broke out on a fishing boat this morning. Photo: Bernard/Lanzarote37°.

01/06/2012 Lanzarote (BG) - A fire broke out on a fishing boat docked in Puerto Naos at approximately 7.20am this morning. The Autoridad Portuaria  (Port Authority) spotted the fire shortly after and immediately notified the parque de bomberos de Lanzarote (Lanzarote fire station). Fortuna...

Latest news

Man rescued from sea in Puerto Del Carmen

01/06/2012 Lanzarote (BG) - Earlier today, ONG Emerlan rescued a 38 year old from the sea, near the base of the cliffs, in Puerto Del Carmen. The man was said to have been “semi-conscious” when rescued at approximately 12.20pm today.


Upon receiving information about the incident NGO Emerlan ...

Latest news

Lanzarote Olympian begins preparations

Lanzarote, Jose Carlos Hernandez, 37°, 37degrees, island news.
Hernandez can be seen here in action during last years Lanzarote Wine Run. Photo: Bernard/Lanzarote37°.

01/06/2012 Lanzarote (BG) - Lanzarote Olympian Jose Carlos Hernandez has already begun his preparation for this summer’s Olympic games in London. At midday, on August 12th, Hernandez will be one of the athletes competing in the marathon event. Although the event is just under two and a half mon...

Latest news

Unemployment continues to rise

Lanzarote, unemployment figures, 37°, 37degrees, Island news.
Unemployment amongst those under the age of 34 is rapidly rising. Photo: Bernard/Lanzarote37°.

31/05/2012 Lanzarote (BG) - According to a report released by the Servicio de la Asociación de Grandes Empresas de Trabajo Temporal (AGETT), based on data from the Encuesta de Población Activa (Labour Force Survey), there are over 156,500 people, under the age of 34, currently unemployed on the...

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Talk on the impact of oil exploration

Lanzarote, oil exploration, 37°, 37degrees, island news.
The talk will focus on Repsol's questionable history in oil exploration Photo: Wikipedia.

31/05/2012 Lanzarote (BG) -  

Environmentalist, Marc Gavaldá, will host a talk at 20.30, tonight, in the centro sociocultural de Valterra, focusing on the impact of oil exploration. The talk occurs in the midst of growing opposition to the proposed oil drilling off the Lanzarote coast by ...


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