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Physiotherapists highlight the risk posed by unqualified professionals

The Canarian College of Physiotherapists (COFC) are highlighting the risk posed to athletes by unqualified professionals carrying out recovery treatments. Phot:Bernard/Lanzarote37°.

21/08/2012 Lanzarote/Canary Islands (BG) - The Canary Islands are rapidly increasing in popularity amongst sporting enthusiasts and this is reflected by the growing number of endurance events taking place on the Islands every year. The islands appeal to many as the ultimate race location due to their harsh climate that really pushes athletes to their physical limit.


These events are organised by private associations and overseen by public authorities who offer participants physiotherapy and recovery services as soon as they complete the grueling race. However, according to the Canarian College of Physiotherapists (COFC) it is not always physiotherapists who are applying these treatments.


The COFC have complained that these services are often performed by members of private chiropractic schools whose members’ academic qualifications, according to the COFC, are not valid. Therefore, they are not trained how to correctly administer professional techniques such as therapeutic massages and this is posing a big risk to the health and performance of the athletes being treated.


In Spain, physiotherapists are the only professionals trained to carry out treatments and injury prevention techniques such as massages, hydrotherapy, hot/cold treatments and electrotherapy.


The COFC are urging organisers of these events to contact physiotherapists practicing in the respective municipalities where the events are taking place and ask them to provide their physiotherapy services, or to contact the Canarian College of Physiotherapists for additional information.


Currently the COFC provides logistical support for physiotherapists interested in covering the aforementioned sporting events, as well as being responsible for the physical well being of athletes at endurance events such as the marathons of Gran Canaria, La Palma, Transvulcania and the La Laguna half marathon.



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