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Wednesday, 28. October 2020
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Number of long-term unemployed continues to increase

During the month of August of this year there was more than 4.6 million individuals registered as unemployed in Spain. Photo:Wikipedia.

 02/10/2012 Canary Islands/Spain (BG) - Almost one million unemployed Spaniards have been seeking employment for more than two years, according to a ‘Report on unemployment benefits’, published by UGT.


The lack of opportunities in the labour market means the number of those seeking employment for more than two years is constantly growing. The number of those now without employment for more than two years reached the one million mark in August, an increase of over 20% on the same month last year.


During the month of August of this year there was more than 4.6 million individuals registered as unemployed in Spain and while demand for employment increased by almost 12% over the previous year, job offers fell by almost 55% during the same time period.


According to the report, the amount of people suffering from long-term unemployment (875,638) is rapidly approaching the same number of those without employment for six to twelve months (960,601).


Unemployment is now primed with older employees. Over 1 million (17.4%) of those currently unemployed are between 45 and 54 years of age, while a further 704,444 of those unemployed are over the age of 55. The number of people unemployed over the age of 45 grew the most in August.


A further problem associated with the crisis in the employment sector is the increasing number of people unemployed with higher education qualifications. In August, the amount of jobseekers with post secondary education soared by 19.6% compared to the same month in 2011 (944,681 unemployed).



As for Lanzarote, figures for September show unemployment on the island fell slightly during the month. Figures released by OBECAN (Canarian Employment Observatory) state there are currently 17,672 people unemployed on the island, down 0.32% from the previous month. Unemployment has slightly declined for five consecutive months now having peaked at 18,152 in May.


In terms of the municipalities Arrecife still leads the way with the highest number of unemployed residents. There are currently 9,340 people unemployed in Arrecife, followed by 2,169 in San Bartolome, 1,874 in Teguise, 1,802 in Tias, 1183 in Yaiza, 747 in Haria and finally 557 in Tinajo. By Gender unemployment continues to affect more men than women (9,050 men as opposed to 8,662 women).



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