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Monday, 25. October 2021
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The Jardin de Cactus
Manrique´s philosophy to fuse art with nature

Kanarische Inseln, Lanzarote, Kaktusgarten, Kakteen, Guatiza, Cesar Manrique, Mala, Vulkankrater, Kakteen, Euphorbien, Architektur, Kunst, Natur, Lanzarote37°, 37 Grad, 37°, deutsche Inselzeitung deutsches Inselmagazin, Spanien
The Cactus Garden was Manrique's last project before his sudden death and was said to be his favorite. The garden has been designed using water features, stone sculptures and Japanese influences to create a venue of visual tranquility, in a terraced ampitheatre, set on four levels. Foto:Lanzarote37°/Jageneau

The Jardin de Cactus is located close to the village of Guatiza and is home to over 10,000 of the plant world’s spiniest species. Arrayed to optimum effect in a bowl like auditorium that was formerly a quarry.

The origins of the Cactus Garden date back to the 1970´s – when the island born artist an...


Saunas, whirlpools and steam baths on Lanzarote:
Lanzarote37° handy guide to the spas on Lanzarote

Lanzarote spas Thalasso therapy Thermal bath, Turkish bath, jacuzzi and water therapy, 37degrees, lanzaroteinformation, islandgazette
One of the spas in Playa Blanca is the spa based at the Hotel Volcán in Playa Blanca. This spa is luxuriously appointed and offers Thermal bath, Turkish bath, jacuzzi and water therapy. Picture:©Lanzarote37°/Hotel Volcán

Lanzarote brings neither snow nor minus temperatures. However, saunas, whirlpools and steam baths can be a pleasant and relaxing experience for the body and mind all year round. Here is our handy guide to the spas on the island. Usually a spa or wellness centre is a place that is based on the philos...


Wining & volcanic walking: Discover Lanzarote`s vineyards

lanzarote, excursion, "lanzarote active club", 37°, 37degrees, www.lanzarote37.net
Enjoy an unusual and interesting take of the vineyards in La Geria with this excursion with Lanzarote Active Club.

Enjoy an unusual and interesting take on the normal walk with these excursions with Lanzarote Active Club. Experience the breathtaking view of Parque Nacional de Timanfaya´ (National Volcano Park) while at the same time prepare to be fascinated by the stories and anecdotes of the local vines and som...


Lanzarote Wine-Run 2011:
Win Your Weight In Wine!

"José Carlos Hernández", "Eleanor Dick", "Lanzarote Wine Run", 37°, 37degrees, island magazine, island gazette
Winners of Lanzarote Wine-Run 2011 are José Carlos Hernández from Lanzarote (1:15:16) and Eleanor Dick from Great Britain (1:43:20) .

23-06-2011 (db/sb) - The Lanzarote Wine Run is a unique running event in the wine district of La Geria; Compete the marathon and sample the delicious local wines along the route in some of the planet’s most extraordinary scenery.



Mountain bike tours on Lanzarote
Bamboozled bikers in search of the 'steel milestone'

Lanzarote37°, 37 degrees, thirtyseven, german Island Magazine, Island newspaper, Sports, Activities, Mountainbike, Biketour, milestone, Arrecife, Route, Ruta, Roadsign, Container, Industry, Inalsa, Costa Teguise, "Pedales de Lava", Trail, Gazette
The spectacular view of the barren countryside of Lanzarote will get any biker‘s heart racing. Far from the bustle of tourists this sense of space instills a feeling of freedom and independence.

For some time now there have been adverts for mountain bike tours around the island aimed at ambitious riders. Lanzarote37° tried out the first tour from Arrecife to Arrieta. What you get on this route are stony tracks, fantastic views and a sense of being alone with the volcanoes. But first there‘s...


Lanzarote Timanfaya National Park

Lanzarote, Timanfaya, 37°, island magazine, island gazette
Timanfaya represents the volcanism of the Canary Islands, which extends into the present day. What‘s more, it acts as a kind of outdoor laboratory where we can observe life returning to a once-barren landscape. Picture: Lanzarote37°/Klingel

Lanzarote‘s volcanic landscape is completely unique and, although it may appear to be as inhospitable as the moon, it is in fact home to some rare plants and animals. Visiting the "Fire Mountains" is an experience you never will forget.


Bikes for professionals
La Santa (Tinajo)

Pro Bike, biking, bikes, equipment, Lanzarote, Lanzarote37°, 37 degrees, thirty-seven, english magazine, Inselzeitung
At the Pro Bike shop you can find equipment good enough to meet the demands of top athletes. Photo:© Lanzarote37°/ Bernard

Steve and Maria Kalashnikoff are experienced triathletes and you can immediately
see that they are completely at home on their bikes. They are such dedicated cyclists that they even devote their professional lives to it too. They run Lanzarote‘s most professional cycle hire business. Top-of-the...


Boat trips:
Lanzarote Active Club

Alegranza, El Jameito, Grotte, Lanzarote37°, 37 Grad, siebenunddreißig, deutsches Inselmagazin, Inselzeitung
The grotto "El Jameito" in the south of Alegranza houses thousands of limpets. Photo:© Lanzarote37°/Cornelius Klingel

Carmen Portella, head of the Lanzarote Active Club, offers boat trips on Wednesdays to the islands of Alegranza and La Graciosa, and will enthuse you with her fascinating stories about the plants, animals and people of Lanzarote‘s little sister islands.

On this tour you can discover secret gr...


The most beautiful beaches in Lanzarote:
Having fun in the sun

Lanzarote37°, 37 Grad, thirty-seven degree, island magazine, english, beach, sun
Lanzarotes beach Playa Bastián is sheltered with fine white sand and popular with families. Photo: ©Lanzarote37°/Bernard

Lanzarote offers many different beaches for bathing, water sports or just relaxing in the sun. Lanzarote37° helps you to find the right one.


Creating a dreamlike garden in Lanzarote

Lanzarote‘s dry climate is a challenge for any gardener.

Lanzarote37° editor Susanne Bernard explains how to beat drought and Calima to create the garden of your dreams.


Lanzarote's Graceful Sister
Graciosa Island

Kanaren, Lanzarote, Urlaub, Ausflug, La Graciosa, Insel, Atlanischer Ozean, kanarische Inseln, lanzarote37 grad, 37 grad, siebenundreißig grad, deutsches Inselmagazin Lanzarote
From Mirador del Río, the famous viewing platform designed by César Manrique, you have a beautiful sight over La Graciosa. Photo:© Heinz-Josef Lüther/ Lanzarote 37°

Lying to the north of Lanzarote, La Graciosa is the smallest inhabited island in the Canaries – a graceful miniature paradise, distant and remote, a place where heaven and earth meet.


Hoyo 19
Puerto del Carmen (Tías)

Golf, "Hoyo 19", Lanzarote, Lanzarote37°, 37 degrees, thirty-seven, english magazine, Inselzeitung
The golf club has a superb view out over the neighbouring islands of Fuerteventura and Lobos. Photo:©istockphotos/ Lanzarote 37°

The golf club above the Hospiten private hospital has a superb view out over the neighbouring islands of Fuerteventura and Lobos, and offers a nice relaxing atmosphere for your round of golf. There are regular competitions, which you can find out about from the notice board in the clubhouse, and fro...


Dance Courses

flamenco, "Marlene Pierce", dancing, Lanzarote, Lanzarote37°, 37 degrees, thirty-seven, english magazine, Inselzeitung
Get into the spirit and passion of Spain by joining Marlene Pierce‘s Flamenco classes. Foto:©Lanzarote 37°/Klingel

Get into the spirit and passion of Spain by joining Marlene Pierce‘s Flamenco classes. Everyone from children over three to adults can learn the techniques and emotion of Flamenco from Marlene, who was born in America and has many years dancing experience. She perfected her Flamenco style and techni...


Surfing for women

Surfing, Lanzarote37°, 37 Grad, siebenunddreißig, deutsches Inselmagazin, Inselzeitung
A "Wave sister" is riding a wave at the Famara Beach. Photo:© Birgit Koch/ Lanzarote37°

Lanzarote‘s top surfing spot is Famara, and that‘s where Birgit Koch has set up her “WaveSisters“ surfing school. Birgit, who originally comes from Munich, is herself a complete devotee of surfing and is determined to get more women into the water. She knows “more girls means more fun!“With Birgit y...


Hiking and Trekking Tours in Lanzarote

trekking, Lanzarote, trip,Lanzarote37°, 37 degrees, thirty-seven, english magazine, Inselzeitung
By the trekking tours of Lanzarote Active Club you get to know interesting facts about the biota of the vulcanic island. Photos:© Lanzarote37°/Bernard

If you want to enjoy a bird‘s eye view of the island, and perhaps look down over the neighbouring islands, you can – by going on one of the trekking tours organised by Lanzarote Active Club. The head of the company, Carmen Portella, is an outspoken expert on the flora and fauna of Lanzarote. She tak...


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